September 27, 2012

Happy Places

1.  Jammies.
2.  Sleep.
3.  Sundae Cones.
4.  Chelsea kisses.
5.  Puffs Plus with Aloe.

Please share yours, k?  I need a reminder that there is life outside of dying, which is exactly how this sick feels.



  1. 1. Fall leaves
    2. Cozy sweaters
    3. Watching movies with your 11 year old
    4. Costa Rican coffee with cream
    5. Warm banana bread right from the oven

    Hang in there Juls!
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Hope you have lots of soft comfy pillows to keep your head elevated... and plenty of your favourite juice to keep you hydrated and flush away those nasty germs!

  3. When I had that crud, the doctor said no juice (too acidic for sore throats) and nothing cold (also bad for sore throats, who knew?). Soups and water at room temperature. I must say I was craving cold things so that was hard but it helped and helped with the cough too. Plenty of Words with Friends games highly recommended to keep your mind off feeling like crap! xoxoxo

  4. Rain cooed breeze
    Hot coffee
    Warm dog curled up in the chair with me.
    Knowing all of the above are smiles from God.

  5. Working with one of your beads to design something lovely.
    Hot coffee or cocoa or tea.
    Puppy snuggles to go with the kisses.
    Fresh from the oven bread.
    Ocean breezes, and blessings from God while you sit and wait and ask.
    The amount of love being sent your way, along with wishes for a speedy recovery...

  6. Singing in my car with EG Kight.
    Dancing to music with my friends at Jazzercise.
    Looking into the brown eyes of dog, Augie.
    Eating chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.
    Making beads out of glass.

  7. Hot coffee
    Hot coffee
    friends like you!
    Hot coffee!