September 26, 2012


1.  SoA is not committing an unforgivable sin this season by confirming itself to be exactly the kind of stereotypical show that I had originally assumed and expected it would be.

2.  I am not at all sick.  In fact, the fever that I do not have does not exist.

3.  Election years are fun.

4.  Santa exists.

5.  My fat jeans aren't tight.


Del Sol Nuggets

Del Sol Rounds



  1. And more denial...
    First, The NFL refs are doing a GREAT job making all the crucial calls. Or any calls for that matter.

    B: Walking to the parking lot is now considered enough exercise for one day.

    3) The toppling piles in my studio are making me more motivated to be in there and help my productivity.

    And I like both the nuggets and the rounds, even though they look like the same thing to me.

    Enjoy the day.

  2. I don't get the whole SoA thing...after seeing it recommended a gabazillion times I watched the first episode (first season) and was pretty meh about it. What am I missing?

  3. ok - those beads are seriously gorgeous. I love watching the political debates in my 'fat jeans' while I wrap Christmas gifts in Santa wrap. Don't tell my kids Santa doesn't exist - not yet :O

  4. Juli,
    I knew from the very first show of SoA that it was going to be one of those woman degrading shows, but I still love it! What, Santa doesn't exist? There is one thing I do know for sure, there is no denying this at all, you make gorgeously yummy glass wonders, that when I have the money, I love to hoard!

  5. Have given up on Santa, fat jeans, and especially election years. Can't give up on SoA, yet. So heartbreaking, yet so real. Have never been so obsessed with a show... I actually stop beading when I watch. Gotta see where the journey/chaos ends.