August 20, 2012

Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Blue.

Or ya know, if you're me....

Something Crazy

Like deciding at 11 pm that because while you are sleepy you are also cold and thinking coffee would be yum and finding this in the kitchen and brewing it:

Something Sane

Furkids who stay in bed while you ping off the walls at midnight on an apparently illiterate caffeine high:

Something Cool

Super adorable community house cat with extra fingers that vibrate when he purrs:

Something Vain.

That time of year came around.  Again.  Like here, here,and here.

Roll Tide, Y'all!



  1. Love the pics of the fur babies :) Plus the house kitty is adorable! Love your new vanity plate - you know the only reason I know about Roll Tide is from you woman :) ROLL TIDE!! Hopefully that is correct :)

  2. Roll Tide, girl! I'll bet that license tag gets you all kinds of friendly waves as you roll down the highway ;-)

  3. I'm familiar with that extra toe thing on cats because "Smelly Elliot the Six-toed Freak" lives down the block from us.

  4. Oh the coffee... I have done that. Many times.. you would think I would learn...