June 11, 2010

Gettin' My Vanity On

For any of you who might have lost sleep randomly wondering about my back end, you may now get a good night's rest. 


Today over at ABS the discussion is vanity plates, and it got me thinking about the ones I've sported over the years that reflected the goings on in my life at the time.  My first was XPRTMXR, and I can still make a helluva good Absolute Chocolate Monkey.

GLASGRL was my second choice this go around.  I just couldn't get Julsbeads to work in 7 letters. 

JLSBEAD.  Who is Jill and why does she only have one?

JULSBDS.  JULSBDZ.  I'm bidding?  Why am I driving around announcing it?   Is it on Ebay?   What is it?  
I hope I win!

JULSBED.   No.   Just  no.   

My tag expires next month and I think I'd like to change it up.   Any Suggestions?

In the meantime, I'm still totally enamoured with a certain serial killer, so after a long hot day in the studio and a cold shower I gravitate toward beading in bed and watching Netflix.  The shower has more to do with getting the ick off and less to do with the charming serial killer.   Scout's honor.

Here are a few of the late night necklaces I've finished recently~

These are inspired by the fire I stare into all day and dream about with curious frequency at night~



  1. OOh, I like Dexter too and your necklaces are great. Cool color-choices. regards Stefanie

  2. Perhaps "sparkle"? "JuLsparx" "JCTURQE" "squeeee"babmama" "alabeads" "beadster" - gonna think some more.

    love, Mary

  3. I'm too in love with you to think of any helpful suggestions... and I have to keep my anonymity so you don't realise I'm one of those serial killers that you're in love with. I'm protecting you, see?

  4. Oh pretty pretties! I think JULROCK is good because you soooo ROCK! or JULSPKS because no one can top julspeak! Lov ya girl

  5. @stef, thanks girly!

    @Mary, "squeeee". LOL.

    @Ed, I ain't skeered of you. You are on a whole 'nuther continent. :P

    @Kristen, You say that like its a good thing. ha.