August 9, 2012

I'm too sexy for this post.

Remember how I have mentioned recently that I've taken on a part time job in the form of pool floating master?  I may have lied on my application but really?  It's a float, how hard can it be to climb on and fall asleep?  Let's just say I've gotten the falling asleep part down.  Eventually I hope to master the climbing on without falling off at least twice part, but in the meantime the water fairies are affording my friends much laughter at my expense.

In the downsizing of my stuff last month I sold my commercial stainless grill to my pool supplying bestie, so a couple times a week we throw some meat on it under the guise of teaching her how to use it.  You know how some lessons are best learned from the vantage point of flatbacked on a float in the pool?  Uh!  So does she!

Sunday I carried the marinated yummy out, turned the knobs to get the gas a'goin, lifted the lid and clicked the ignition button.

Those of you who are familiar with the use of gas grills have just recoiled at my obvious stupidity, and those of you who are not familiar with the use of gas grills are probably still floating around the pool waiting for your burger. Showoff.

Burning nose hair smells far worse than any other kind, probably because you will still be smelling it 4 days later.  My nostrils are balder than Vin Diesel, y'all, and right about now I bet you're wishing you could unread that.


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  1. Yikes!! Thank goodness it was just your nose hairs & not your eyebrows or bangs or something worse!! Maybe you should just stick to pool floating (& lampworking of course)!! ;0)

  2. Juls, I have just discovered your blog and I had to join. You my dear are a breath of fresh air(well maybe for a few days a breath of burned nostril hair). I had to add you to my blog list.Your art shows the delightful lady you are. It sparkles just the way your post do. Thank you for the gift of words you share with the rest of us.
    Sandy... the one that is still in the pool waiting for the burger ..just mayo, tomato, dill pickles and chedder cheese on mine please.

  3. I never once thought of unreading the burning nose hair portion of your post because, frankly, I was laughing my ass off.

  4. Hey Juls, I am catching up from getting used to working again. Not that I didn't work when I didn't work but you know what I mean. I am other and self employed now. Mo money, mo money!! I have missed reading your blog so much I have gone back many posts to catch all your southern charm and humor and "Crazy" that I love so much.
    Hope your nose has recovered by now. I am prone to mindless misshaps also so I TODALLY understand. How nice you can fashion private lessons into a pool floating day though. Have missed you!