July 21, 2012

Except the Lipstick? It's on the teeth.

I went out with some girlfriends last night because a friend of one has a sister in law in town and she wanted to "white girl it up" so she enlisted our group to help.  Now before anyone gets all panty waddy this friend of a friend is in an interracial marriage and thus the sister in law is not of her race and the whole white girl thing was said in jest, and that is how at 41 I found myself in a night club full of very young very hip hoppy kids glancing at our table in obvious curiosity about WTH The Golden Girls were doing rolling up in their crib.

...if they even know who the Golden Girls are.

There were also a lot of girls there who looked like boys and while I am not one to concern myself with how anyone who isn't me gets down in private, I found myself smack dab in the middle of a REH-DEE-TA-GO situation very early in the evening.  Let's just say that when a young lesbian nuzzles your straight 40 year old friend's behind your straight 40 year old friend will suddenly decide that hugging you and whispering in your ear is an awesome idea and even though you love your straight 40 year old friend and would give her a kidney the last thing you want if you're me is her whispering in your ear and behaving as if you the 2 of you are on a date.

Ten minutes and 2 miles later we found ourselves seated in a much more appropriate venue with much more appropriately aged people kicking it to an 80s Rock band and chair dancing at our table.  It seems GoldenGirl Prohetero Style is just how we roll.  

41 is fun, y'all.


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