December 23, 2011

Imma just be over here doing NOT A DAMN THING.

I'm toast, y'all.   I feel incredibly good and have thoroughly enjoyed this past week of last minute Hurrahs, but I am stick a fork in me DONE.  For the rest of the weekend I am not going anywhere near anything that even jokes about pretending to be remotely related to something that resembles an impersonation of work.  Mama's about to get her chill on so she can relish the other important things in life.  Like family and friends and rest and Jesus Christ.

And presents. 

What?  Don't act like we haven't met. 

I had a custom order for 3 necklaces in the pink Beautiful Love combo this week, and I was so not paying attention the night I made them that I accidentally encased them with the wrong transparent.  At first I was all "@&*#!" but when I actually looked at the mistakes I realized how flippin' awesome the color is.  How awesome is the color you might ask? 

Firey Coppery Red Silver Flash awesome.

For the moment I am tucking those babies in at night with a bedtime story and a kiss, because the color I accidentally used to encase them was my last rod of the now unavailable Amber Rose.

I also used my last rod of Kalypso pink on those suckers, and NOW WHAT, JULS?  You can't do pink without pink!  I found myself  smack dab in the middle of a very sucky spot.

But improvisation?  She is my friend.  I'm pretty sure after this that I owe her lunch and an all expenses paid trip to wherever she wants to go.  Which means Tahiti, because if I'm footin' the bill that's where we are going.

After several very not right attempts, I finally mixed up some Clio and Dark Trans Lavendar and came up with these...oh so close to the target blend but oh so much better than the target blend in the department of GLOW.

Ska Wee to the Nth degree.

Here are the necklaces~which I truly wanted to keep 1 or 3 of:

Pam also purchased this cross and wanted a necklace for her Mother-in-law:

And part of me wanted to keep it also.

My life is a truly blessed one, my friends.  I pray the same for each of you every day.

Even though I said I was gonna, I don't have the energy to delete the $15 sets from Studiojuls right now.  If you wanna snag 1 I totally understand.  The remainder of the orders will be shipped next week, once I sober up from the intoxication of people being extra nice to one another.  I love me some Christmas.

To you and yours from me and mine~



  1. That second set, and the blue cross -- looooooove.

  2. Oh my. I am not one for hearts and crosses, but those colors are just SINGING! You are da bomb, da love bomb gurl! That copper is my color y'all and that pink with the flashes of ohmigoshthatisawesome make me want to get all Pinky Tuscadero on you. And usually pink and I are not friends, not at all. You go on now and get some rest girlfriend. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and I will catch you on the flip side.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Juli, Those are all gorgeous! You are a true artist with fire and glass. Your fur babys are just too cute.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012,

  4. Holy Moly! Can you believe the awesomeness of that fiery red?? I'd be slobberin' all over it! And the sparkly goodness of those pinks...yummmm! Yep, you totally deserve some time off baby. And I'm ever so thrilled you're leaving the sets up. Cause I had a serious fight on my hands with my 11 yr old girlie over my Julsbeads! So now I can let her pick out her own...:)

  5. Juls I love your "Improvising, Adapting, and Overcoming" with the colors. They are stunning and I agree, I don't think I could part with them. You have a wonderful time with your family and friends! Big hugs to your girl! Beth

  6. Oh my - those are GORGEOUS hearts, all of them, and the cross is simply stunning. I imagine that the lucky recipients will be completely gobsmacked with awe and delight! Well done!

  7. You're a friggin' glass scientist, Juls. Yes, you are. The colors and burning fire beneath them in those beads are foo-foo-fantastic.

  8. Wow!!! Even your oopsies are to die for. Hope you have a great holiday.