December 26, 2011

Carbed Out, Amped Up, and Pretty Dang Excited. +End of Year Clearance Sale!

 Mama made Christmas dinner, y'all.  Which means I ate more than 4 people should have...including an extra helping of banana pudding.

Mama:  Let me know what you think of the banana pudding ~ I used a secret ingredient this time.

Me:  Woah!  It is really really good, but I'm not picking up on the secret ingredient.

Bro:  So what is it, mom?

Mom:  Banana.

Me&Bro (sharing a concerned look):  ...

Mama:  EXTRACT.  Banana extract.


Christmas Eve was very special and a little bit sad for us this year.  Y'all know my Grandaddy passed in April, leaving my Nana alone in a house big enough to contain my awesomely giant southern family for the holidays where we've had our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for longer than I've been alive.  Nana's not been doing well in recent months.  Age is finally starting to get the best of her and she's not really able to be alone.  We have been taking turns staying with her but the time has come to figure out a more permanent solution, and Nana has decided to go live with my Aunt in TN.  I've caught myself crying a few times over the weekend because while I am so very grateful for 40 years of tradition and memories, it is not easy to accept the inevitable end.    It has been a beautiful run, and none of us could have asked for better.


The time has also come for me to take a few steps forward myself.  I love Alabama and it will always be home in a certain sense of the word, but it is not where I want to spend the rest of my days.  So on January 3rd I am getting on a plane to go check out another state.  A far away state on pretty much a different planet that has been visiting my dreams for several years.  I'm equal parts nervous and excited, but isn't that always the way of it when starting over?   God is opening doors I've been staring hard at even though I have no idea what is on the other side, and I'm way too stubborn not to walk through them.

So I am having an End of Year Clearance Sale on all OOAK jewelry and Julsbeads listed at StudioJuls.  EVERYTHING is 25% off, and I will be adding listings throughout the week.  The sale ends on 12/31 so that I can get everything shipped before I head to Oregon.

Yes.  I said Oregon.  Which sounds like a lovely word for a coupon code, so let's use it, k?

25% off every purchase
Coupon Code:  OREGON
Sale ends 12/31.

Thank you for your love, friendship and support of my work this year.

I couldn't follow my heart without you.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful, eating, Christmas :) I know how you feel about traditions changing and it is sad, but there is always the new traditions you can create. Oh, I love Oregon! I was only there for five days, helping my best friend prep for her wedding. I so want to go out for another visit for a longer duration and get to see the sites (besides the coffee stands). Have a fun time out there girl! Always look for those open doors, they are out there! Take care and have a wonderful New Year!!!!

  2. Juli, Glad you were able to spend one last holiday season in the tradition of your family, but life does move on and new traditions always come along. Speaking of moving on, I'm sad that you are leaving our state of Alabama, but very happy that you are following your heart and dream. All the best to you in your future endevors. Oregon is a beautiful state.

  3. Juls, awesome, good luck on your new adventure. What an amazing way to start the new year in a new place. May your cup run over with new and wonderful opportunities and may the doors be blowing wide open with new exciting life changes.

  4. Oregon sounds like a great place for a GLASS ARTIST :-) Have a great trip and I want to hear ALL ABOUT IT. Now off to go shopping :-)

  5. Best wishes on your trip to Oregon, and to wish you well I took advantage of your sale and got myself some beads. Watching for some crosses, let me know when you make some, soory I did not get one while they were available. Good luck! Happy New Year and New Beginnings to you!

  6. I'm so excited for you! I know you have been wanting to go "coastal" for some time now☺
    I spent the first twenty-some years of my life in Southern Idaho. Oregon, Wash. and Idaho are all gorgeous. Good Luck~ and I know you are going to find what you are looking for!

  7. No,no, you were supposed to pick South Carolina!! Not all the way across the states! Now how will I get to see you in person?? Ok, enough of my hissy fit. I'm truly excited for you, and I'm sure it's a beautiful area. And they will all love your accent!!
    And next time I make banana puddin' I'm gonna add some banana extract, just cause momma said so!

  8. Wow we would be neighbors if you move to Oregon, I am in Washington, and moved here from Oregon last year, So what part of Oregon are you thinking about?

  9. I met an old southern gentleman years ago when we were visiting the Outerbanks. He had recently moved to the area - all by himself - didn't know a soul. I asked him about the gutsy move and he replied, "Darlin', I always say: Don't die wonderin'."
    Wise words. I admire you, Juls, and I say go for it. Wouldn't it be awful to wake up when you're 72 and say "wonder how my life would have been different if I'd given Oregon a shot?"

  10. I'm a second generation Oregonian and live in Springfield! Love it! What part are you thinking of? If you want a tour guide or information about the different parts, let me know.

  11. Oh sweetie! I think that you will love Oregon. I know that there are tons of artists out there. And it seems like a beautiful part of the country. I am sending you smooth sailing vibes as you wing your way over to see where the next chapter will be written.
    Enjoy the day.

  12. How exciting! A new year and a new adventure. Perfect spot for a glass artist.

  13. Oregon, huh? We're making a big move too -- to the LA area. We have a house and will go into an apt so we have to sell practically everything we own but we don't belong in Texas. Never have. And grandchildren are both in California, one in LA. So off we go! Good luck, Juls. I know this is a scary deal (at least for me) but we'll both survive and flourish, I'm sure!!

  14. WOW! That's big time exciting, mamasita! But - I know you're a gypsy too - I think it's our military brat background! It doesn't matter where you are - you'll still be fabulous! And BTW...if you ever get to visit your gram in TN, you need to come visit a sistah so I can take you out to dinner and buy you a celebratory beer (or six...LOL). XOXOXO Happy Trails!!