October 13, 2011

A whole lotta sass. There's really no other way to describe the last 3 pictures.

These are a few beads from a set I am working on.
Silver glass, oh how I love thee.


I'm going to talk about the felines
residing on the Catio again
just long enough to tell you
that they share food willingly
with whatever cat is brave enough
to come in.

Even cats

"I am going to stare right at you
(through the door)
while I walk in
and eat this food,
and the only thing you're
going to do about it
is take my picture."

Baby Daddy is eating his dinner
on the table just
to the left of this guest,
and Baby Boy is laying in his basket
under said table
observing his leftovers
being hijacked.

Guard cats.
I don't have 'em.

(Although I am totally stocked up on
kickass masked bandits!)


This morning I let Chelsea
have free run of the backyard
because it has been cool enough
that snakes are no longer a concern.
I forgot that poop
(duck poop/cat poop/other dog poop)
should be a concern.

My girl is a poop roller.
Show her some poop she can roll in
and she'll show you some rolling in poop.

6 am bath time.
Squee is not a word I would use
to describe it,
and it seems Chelsea agrees.

Stink Eye and the Doggie version of the finger.

Her foot fur and tail fur and mane fur and pretty much
all of her fur had gotten way too long, so I cut it.

Salon ala Mom

Such a Pretty Girl.
Not even my early morning hackjob
can change that.



  1. Ok, you seriously need to draw the line at the coons! Call wildlife control and have them set a trap to relocate that bad boy. Love the Chelsea cuteness. If I thought my Munchie would look that cute, I would so do the haircutting myself. :)

  2. I came home one night and was surprised by a raccoon eating my cat's food, it scared the bajeebies out of me, but I ran it off anyway. Just like your cats, mine just sat and watched it eat. Your Chelsea is one pretty pup!

  3. so sorry about that. she does look great though!

  4. Oh that sweet little poop roller is soooo cute with her new Ala Mom do! Ok darlin you really need to either open a shelter and start taking donations or find a way to draw the line at real cats!

  5. First of all - having the word "SASS" in the title of this entry cracked me up. That's the name of the trio I sing with. We're too old to be sassy so we decided SASS (notice all caps) pretty much sums us up.
    And as a kindred soul - I have given more than one 6a bath.

  6. Oh my gosh, that's hysterical! Rocky the Raccoon totally figured that he had you hyp-mo-tized :) That is one bold critter!

  7. Awww, I could squeeze that little darling (Chelsea, not Bandit). Yes, as someone else said, Bandit is not a good thing to have show up at your door. I think we can all live in harmony, however, I wouldn't want Chelsea or any of the kittehs to have a run in with him. Racoons aren't very nice to k-9s. :(

    {Hugs to you and Chelsea!} I wish I could stick my nose in her fluffy neck and just sniff her. She's so CUTE Juls!

  8. OH my goodness. Raccoons are cute and all, but man can they be vicious! Why is that dogs do that? Don't get it. Your baby is darling.