September 14, 2011

The only reason I haven't chucked everything and moved into a tent on an obscure beach is that I'd have nowhere to keep my bead stash.

And that would just never do.

~ Tahitian Treats ~

You'll find them HERE.



  1. Oh Juls, what a purely enchanting set. GORGEOUS!!! Makes me dream of sand in my toes... and tropical umbrella drinks... and cabana boys - oh I better just stop there right now! LOL

  2. Oh yeah my comment...Dawn had me thinkin too! I would love to help you unload some of that bead stash to be sure!!!!

  3. Juls, these are absolutely stunning! Love your colours and shapes here. If only my beady budget for the month wasn't spent up.....x

  4. I think about running away every day...but I fear my life would just follow me.

    Great beads!

  5. Gorgeous Juls - they definitely have a tropical feel to them...ahh it's warming up here in Oz...sorry - I shouldn't rub it in!


  6. Those are sooooo pretty. Delicate and such a great color combo. Bravo!