September 13, 2011

I wanted to take a photo of the beautiful sunrise through the trees this morning, but the batteries in my camera were dead. That has nothing to do with this post though.

If I told you I was sitting over here shaking and sweating like an addict and I REALLY NEED a fix, would you believe me?  I hope not.

Except I am.  And I do.  I finished watching season 2 of Sons of Anarchy and ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?  If I don't get my hands on season 3 soon and find out what happened with X and Y I'm going to fall into a writhing pitiful pile of nothingness.

First world problems, y'all.  I got 'em.


I finally decided how to finish the cuff I started last week:

(Native American feminine for great spirit/warrior)

Handmade lampwork centerpiece
Upcycled leather



  1. I love it! turquoise and chocolate are a favorite color combination of mine!

  2. You will survive Juls, all junkies do, you will get your fix soon I bet cha a penny you will! LOL
    Your cuff is off the hook! You hear me!

  3. Juls, that is so gorgeous, on my wish list!!! I am all about bracelets and cuffs these days.

  4. Okay, now that cuff is just RAD! I love the Native American theme...and that focal is BEYOND rad!!! Nice stuff, sistah gurl!!!