September 25, 2011

It takes a special kind of person to come up with this stuff~

If this doesn't make you laugh out loud,
we should probably never do lunch~

Running Man

And um....

LSD, anyone?
(alternate title: W.T.F.!?)
(NOT safe for work~ partial nudity)
(plus the You Tube title is...weird)
(But it is....ballet)
(And it loads very slowly, so I guess you'd have to be sort of twisted to make it to the end)
(like I did)

Now here is a much better mental image
with which to walk away from this post.




  1. gahh~falling backward & flopping resulted in - meteres for my running man, way to bruise my ego first thing in the am juls! ps beads came yesterday, MmmmmmmmmMMmmMmmm so pretty

  2. #1 My best was 1.7m FORWARD but I think I deserve a prize for going so far back that I hit the wall☺
    #2 UM... wow...bizarre? I guess I'm not onto performance art? but wow.. makes you wonder (worry) about the brain that came up with it.
    #3 Thank you for the kitties☺

  3. Wow! I thought that was way cool Juls, you got to love a bizarre artistic creative mind! Can you just imagine the core strength those performers have!

  4. #1: no iphone
    #2: W.O.W. Not sure what to say except I'll never let my son on his skateboard again...
    #3: Warm fuzzies all over :)

    Thanks for the smiles today Juls :)

    P.S. love my new beads - gorgeous!!!

  5. I watched this before bed last night... at that time I thought I had just had wayyyyy tooo much rummage sale on the brain. So I watched it again this morning, and I'm still feeling like I'm on crack! LOL Or maybe I put Bailey's in my coffee instead of creamer this morning!

    Hope your day is full of surprises! xo

  6. For some reason the first time I tried to post a comment it didn't take (perhaps that's karma telling me not to check blogger at work...)

    Anyway, when I started watching this, I thought, "hm, okay..." After all, in my former job, I worked daily with musicians, actors, and dancers, so off-kilter was daily fare. And then skateboard boy came boogying out, and the Diet Coke spewed out. Girl, that just ain't right! Thanks for a great laugh!

  7. Oh, my. So glad I have the picture of the kitties in my mind.
    However, having said that - the "dancers" were - were - I'm thinking - in great shape!
    Makes me wonder about the mind of the choreographer.

  8. That was actually really kind of cool. A bit disturbing, but I can appreciate what it took to come up with it and the um.... body strength and ... ah.... appreciation for the human form and ... what not.

    Actually, it would have been fine except for that odd lot on the skateboard and office chair in the tidy whities.

  9. OK, the running man thingie DID make me LOL! I'm still giggling! We definitely need to do lunch! On the other hand, I wish I'd never seen that, um...ballet.....
    Kittehs = good. OK, calm now.

  10. Very strangely erotic and insectile at the same time. My sister is a modern dancer and choreographer so I have seen a lot of bizarre dance art but this one take the cake!!