September 3, 2011

Football Season! I can't even type that without getting giddy.

I have exactly an hour and 20 minutes to write this blog post, shower and don my Bama Gear, drop some packages off at the PO, and get to Becky's before the University of Alabama kicks off our season opener.   

Roll Tide, y'all!

New $10 sets~


  1. Eeeehhh, Showers are overated!!! have fun watching the game!!

  2. Roll Tide Baby, Get you a dose of the Big Beefy Bama Boys! LOL I'll catch the rest of the game when I get home from work.

  3. Roll Tide!! Had to listen to the game on the radio, but it was still pretty hair-raisingly fabulous to hear "Yeah, Alabama" being played...