August 17, 2011

New $10 Bead Sets listed at Studiojuls!

Taking an entire day to do nothing doesn't seem to be part of my skillset.  Yesterday morning I ended up at Walmart for household stuffs and found myself standing in the hair color aisle holding a box of Feria Black Cherry.   An hour later I found myself standing in front of my bathroom mirror with purple goopy hair piled on my head.  It is about 45 shades darker and redder than my natural chestnut, and I love it?  Today I'm going to sashay my Black Cherry Red Headed sunburnt behind into the salon and demand my stylist do me RIGHT NOW even though I don't have an appointment and she is generally booked 2 weeks in advance.  If I get any lip I'll be testing out the theory that firey redheads really are the bitchiest.    They do get away with it, right?  Wish me luck.
I wandered out to the shiny shack yesterday afternoon and decided I'd replenish StudioJuls with some $10 specials for y'all. 

I also listed a set of my glass Raku finish focals ~

and some groovy Ghost Opals ~



  1. Well did being a bitchey red head work for you Juls? LOL You had me rolling my sides hurt!
    Love your new beads.

  2. OH MY! I avoid the hair color aisle like the plague...BEEN THERE...HATED THAT (too many times, I'm sad to say!). And then you get "the lecture" from your hair stylist - and you're all like a dog with your tail between your legs. BTW...LOVE those opals you listed in StudioJuls - beautimous!!!

  3. I think it sounds like it looks awesome and you should leave it dark :)!!!! Besides if you want to lighten it- he/she's going to have to strip it with bleach and then you're going to have to re-deposit this 'illusive' red you seek... and girl your hair will be fried... I say rock the 'bitchy' dark haired mysterious glass bead artist spy look for a few weeks. P.S. love you and so very praying for you and your family as I am sure you feel all of us are.

  4. just make sure you tint your eyebrows to match :)..

  5. I love those Raku focals, they are so cool!!!!

  6. I like those Raku beads. Very pretty.