August 16, 2011

I'll just be over here practicing my Rockette kick.

Or, you know, lying flat with my right leg hiked in the air on some pillows in an attempt to reduce the baseball sized swelling on my sprained ankle.

I played twisty foot in the sand Sunday afternoon and then stood on it most of the day Monday.  I probably would have spent more time sitting down but the cherry red sunburn on my back and a portion of my behind made it a very not so good idea.

I bet you're glad I'm not showing you a picture of that.


We buried Christian yesterday.  (obituary)
I am taking today to do nothing.
I'll get back on the horse tomorrow.


  1. at first i had to smile at your post. not that i find humor in your pain...just the way you wrote it. but then it was quickly turned to sadness when i read about poor baby christian. i am so sorry for your family's loss. :(

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Miss Juli. I hope that your family will find comfort in knowing that so many people were raining down prayers for little Christian. God must have needed another angel up there to watch over us all. Know that I am sending you hugs from across the miles.
    Find your 'something good' in all of this.
    Enjoy the day.

  3. I am so sorry for you. Please know that I am still saying a few prayers each day. I hope it gets easier.

    Now, be good to you and your ankle and your sunburn.

    courtney of beads by breul
    (when will blogger let me post???)

  4. I'm glad you're finding reason to smile despite the pain and sorrow, Sweet Juls. BTW, I received one of your beads as a focal from my Bead Soup partner, Mary K McGraw - awesomeness!

  5. Atleast your toes look good. :)
    We'll all be in our saddles waiting for you.

  6. Sounds like you have pain within and without right now. So sorry to hear about Christian, especially. They did everything they could, medically, plus hope and prayers. As my mother used to say, "Sometimes you just don't have anything to work with." Open up to all the support from your blogger buddies, a very strong group out there, always rising to the need. And remember to put some ice on your burned areas too, my dear! I'll be back, I want to talk beady.

  7. Juls I know how your family feels and I will keep all of you in spiritual light.

  8. Oh sweetie, please pass along our prayers. Make sure you all take the time to grieve your loss. He is perfect and happy and healthy now, but that doesn't take away from the grief.
    Go get some blue aloe gel for the sunburn. It really helped mine a few weeks ago. Got lidocaine in it. Sending you serious hugs.

  9. Awwww, talk about a bummer on the ankle. Girl, that looks like it SERIOUSLY hurts. Sorry...

    Hope this note finds you feeling stronger this morning!

    P.S. I'm really glad you didn't sprain a wrist... that would be disastrous to Julsbeads! :o) Silver lining!

  10. Hey Miss Jul's, make sure you take care of that ankle...i know from experience with Jack ankle sprains are one of the most overlooked injuries take the time to heal it and get some physio please okay.....take care my dear and hugs and kisses to all oxox <3
    ttfn Lana