August 19, 2011

Just try not to love the thought of this paired with black leather chaps.

The focal on this cuff was a bead I made last fall.  I loved it, so naturally I took a big chunk out of the hole with the dremel while cleaning it.  Y'all know how I am about having to use the unuseable, so I stuck it in my stash for a later play date.  A few weeks (months?  who knows...) ago I did some slumping on a stormy day and turned it into a cab before putting it back in the stash and promptly forgetting about it.

What?  I'm forty now.  Forgetting is the new black.

I sat staring at my unlit torch yesterday for 20 minutes before my mind wandered back to the motorcycle ride I took last week~ the leaves swaying on the trees, the random mounds of red Alabama clay, black asphalt streaming beneath my feet, the wind hugging my outstretched arms, the rain that caught us at the tail end of the ride and hit my body like tiny silver bullets.

I dug out this cab of perfect colors and spent the afternoon making a cuff, all the while thinking I should own leather riding attire from vest to boots.   And a Harley.  A pink one.  Or maybe turquoise.  Also that every Harley girl should own a stylized custom cuff.

Handmade Lampwork Cabochon, Upcycled Leather


  1. You know what I find completely hard rock? That lime green sweater you have paired with this.
    That cuff makes even ME want to ride a Harley. Or at least buy some leather chaps with fringe.



  2. Hey Juls, that cuff is awesome. I have always wanted a trike that is pink and green. My deceased biker husband would not hear of a green bike "It's bad luck!" he would say. He also said that if I was going to ride I was going to be on two wheels, because I would break my neck on three. That statement never made sence to me, because I figured if I was going to bread my neck it would be on two wheels!!!

  3. That cuff is really pretty. Very eye catching.

  4. lol...your right..forgetting is the new black..i totally hear that

  5. Hey Juls, i have had some leather sitting around waiting for some inspiration, but i don't think i could even begin something like have mad skills girl & you rocked this one!!!!
    take care & enjoy your weekend ttfn Lana :)

  6. Wow...gorgeous and it looks so amazing with your sweater!!!

    Enjoy your weekend...