August 3, 2011

I started to put off writing this post because the batteries in my camera are dead but then I realized y'all probably don't really care about seeing a picture of a pile of packages that are headed to the post office today anyway.

And since I have 1 or 300 beads to clean and string and photograph and list, and a house that hasn't been cleaned in 2 weeks I figured I'd just write quickly to tell y'all that I just finished responding to all the comments on the last 2 days' posts and holy

CRAP an ant just crawled up my typing hand.  In my office.  UPSTAIRS.  That is almost as creepy as when I looked over in the shower last night and found one crawling on the inside of the curtain.  What is GOING ON WITH THE ANTS THIS YEAR?  I will seriously move the first time one crawls on me in bed.

That seemed terribly orchestrated, but its like they know.  What I was in the middle of trying to type was holy crap you guys are awesome.    I kinda remember now why throwing the crazy that is my life on these pages is so fun. 

All of the purchases from this week are shipping today, and if for some reason Paypal doesn't send you (domestic) ladies a tracking number, shoot me a note and I'll forward it to you.  Domestic as in US, not as in get in the kitchen and get to bakin'.

And thanks.  From the bottom of my now very itchy EGADS they're crawling on me! heart, I appreciate every single one of you.   It's just lucky that I like you too, or I'd be pretty tempted to send you an ant or 10.




  1. Use Terro ant killer. It's the best! One day of ants, and I've not had anymore for a loooong time. Great little syrup they come up and drink, take it back, bring their friends to take more back and then they never come back.

  2. Oh I so know about them ants they recently totally skeezed me too! I mean girlfriend they were in my PANTRY!!!!! Posted all about it but since you are in a Shiny shack out back in an awesome creative groove you were lucky to miss that one! LOL Ya know I totally lost track of what I was saying as your slide show is totally making me want to lick my puter right now!!!!


  3. What is worse are the FLYING ants that I have found! In my house! I saw one on the wall upstairs and thought, "Hmm, self, how did that ant trek all the way up to the second story?" and I went into my daughters room to get a tissue and the damn thing was g.o.n.e.gone. Poof! Then daughter tells me there is a bug in her bathroom about an hour later. And it crawled behind the mirror and never came back out. And it had wings. Wings, y'all! So I thought we were being invaded by some mutant ants but it turns out that this is common and they tend to come out after big rains. Don't know what he was doing in my daughter's bathroom. I sure hope that there isn't a whole colony of them behind there. Haven't seen another since.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Gotcha beat. South Carolina has what they affectionately call a Palmetto bug. I call it a roach....a BIG roach. They say it's not, cause it doesn't wanna live in your house all the time, just when it gets too wet outside. Hello? Live at the BEACH!!! Where it's wet all the time!! And, man, these guys are big. Woke the hubs up at midnight cause there was one on the bathroom wall near the ceiling and I wasn't going to bed til he was dead! Hubs was not sympathetic...

  5. ugh annoying.. we too have those palmetto bugs..which is just a nice way of saying a F#*%ing big Roach..a 2" bug..
    if you use terrofor the ants,put it were the animals can't get's sweet..