July 20, 2011

10 New $10 sets~! Plus I have a date with an old friend tonight so I am going to take the day off and go get extra girlified.

That means a mani and a pedi, y'all.  I might even brush my hair.

Today's other fun thing is a pile of new beauties over at StudioJuls.   

I should also mention for you international rockstars that I wasn't aware the cart was not allowing for overseas shipping.  I have corrected that oversight. Sorry about that.

All sets are just $10!


  1. Have fun - sounds like a date:-)

  2. Ohhhhhh, spill girlie! If you sport the deodorant, we'll know it's a hot date! ;) I just put up a public service announcement in your honor! Hope you have so much packing and shipping to do after you're date you'll be walking on a cloud!


  3. Deodorant too!!! OMG this one is hot hot hot!!!! I am posting this madness on FB!

  4. Have fun getting pampered today, and even more fun tonight!

    I just snagged some more of your $10 sets! Beautiful!!

  5. That turquoise set likes me and I like it.
    We'll need all the details of this date of yours.