June 1, 2011

If I do I want y'all to come over and divvy up my beads.

I might have mentioned once or a hundred times that I am not a fan of presses~ specifically of using them.  I made an exception for the giant lentil because my mind could devise no other way to obtain the shape, and it kind of had to happen.

Betwixt Etsy and orders and sleeping I've been messing around with trying to freehand a pillow shape, and after finding a measure of success yesterday I kind of want to kiss myself on the mouth.

Quick Snap with Flash~

Natural Light Shots~

Did I mention....

No Press was used?

They take a long time to make,
but I can sort of die happy now.



  1. Yes kisses on the mouth are so in order!!!!

  2. HI Juls,
    I just had to let you know I got my bead grab bags today!!! And I love them!! its nice to get to see in person a sample of your sands of time series, thanks for including a few of them, and the big holes ring style beads,not sure what to call them, but they are really cool...love the focals, and there were even a few earring pairs!!! I spred them out all over my bead table, and had to get out all of my Juls beads and drool over them, you know I have quite a collection of your beads...but every time you come up with something new, I start craving more

  3. Oh, my, I'd love to divy those up and drool on them so they would be mine!!!!!!!

  4. Super cool beads! Congrats!! I got my beads today by the way and they are awesome! thanks!
    amy @ copperdiem.blogspot.com & greenbead.etsy.com

  5. So - you're a "hand shaping" master now, eh? Good on ya, chica. I'm greatly impressed.

  6. Good for you, playing paid off..love the beads!
    Enjoy the day...