May 31, 2011

I may never eat again.

I finally forced myself to watch Food, Inc. last night.  Let me just go ahead and say DO NOT WATCH FOOD, INC.  Especially if you would like to continue eating food.

As of right now I have not eaten in 21 hours BECAUSE I AM COMPLETELY DISGUSTED by what I have learned about almost everything in my pantry.  I'm pretty sure I've lost 27 lbs, and at this rate I'll be in a bikini next week.  Bright side.


I worked on skillz days most of last week and the weekend, so I was kind of all over the place with the beadmaking.    These are few that went on Etsy this morning, and there are oodles of BHB sets going on Etsy tonight.  For now I want to go play with some pretty colors so I can stop thinking about all of the disgusting things I have eaten in the past 40 years.

Acid Rain ~

Canyon ~

Colorful Soul ~

Sunset ~


  1. yeah, i avoid those shows like the plague cause i love to eat crap that i am sure has the most nasty backstory ever.
    amy @

  2. Loving Acid Rain! So beautiful.

    If you made it all the way through the movie, you are a better woman than I. I could only stomach the first 30 minutes and then had to turn it off. So icky.

    courtney of beads by breul

  3. That movie is horrifying!!! Those chickens! That poor cow with the fork-lift :( Makes me want to move to Europe! Or at least become a vegan or something.

    Focus on your beads, that's way more pleasant :D

  4. Never saw the movie and don't plan to...I like to each what I want!!! :~)

    Gorgeous beads always!

  5. I know unless I grow it myself, it's up to no good... LOL but I still like Twinkies and Twizzler Nibs!

    For anybody reading this, I have to share... the Acid Rain beads are awesome. I have a set similar to this that Juls made earlier this year. The way the light goes through them and their collage of colors is AWESOME! Seriously, scoop up this set, you will be so glad you did! PROMISE!


  6. first those bead are gorgeous..
    second...i became a vegetarian after learning about factory farming one Earth Day..long ago.
    currently i am a lapsed veg-head,however think i may revisit that lifestyle.