June 4, 2011

I'd be mozzzt apprezzziative.

Have I ever mentioned that  James Earl Jones is my alarm clock and that every day at 6 am promptly she is tapping me on the face?  It took me a couple of years to grow accustomed but I did eventually stop feeling the urge to throw her against the wall.

Something about this year's time change has wrought havoc, and she seems to have decided that the very moment the sun begins to even think about threatening to peek over the trees it is time to play Thwack The Human.  This is now happening in the neighborhood of 5 am, which means the human who really needs 8 hours of sleep every night but has been surviving on 6 is now getting between 4 and 5. 

The same conversation is taking place every morning:

Her:  (while practicing her cymbal playing skills on my cheeks)

Myow? Myow?
Myow? Myow?

Me:  (squinting at her and then the clock) 

UH!!! UH!!!

Her:  ...

Her:    ...

Her:      ... Catunk!

(The sound of kitteh jumping down to run circles around and under the bed, which coincidentally whips Chelsea into a crazed barking frenzy who now runs back and forth across the bed AND ME)

It is 8 am and I have been up for 3 hours. Because of a cat.  And a dog. 

Remind me again who is at the top of the food chain?

These are fun though, and chances are if I'd slept that extra hour this morning I might have missed them in my Etsy Circle list.  For those of you who make Treasuries, thanks very much from those of us you feature.  You make us feel special.

Beachcomber in this one:

Shimmer in this one:

Solar Flair in this one:


Now if only someone would create a Treasury of Nap that I could hide in for an hour...


  1. Oh dear, I can relate. It is already hard for me to sleep at all due to menopausal horror, but we have added to our Brood consisting of a spoiled kitty who paws to come under the covers very early in the morning and our dog Durango who is actually a very good sleeper, Harley who snores louder than my husband, more like a drunk truck driver. For a little dog, she is a Boston Terrier, she makes a lot of noise!! If you peek at the time on my post today. I was wrapped it up around 3 am this morning. If you find some of that nap sauce please send some my way too!! LOL

  2. Girl, I feel your pain about our kitties waking us up at an unholy hour! One of my kitties, who happens to be on Prozac, wakes me up between 3am to 3:30am each morning with her crying. Another kitty wakes me up at 4:30 because she wants to be fed, when she knows she gets fed at 5:30, but hey lets wake mom up and see if she will feed us early. I love them but, well, you know :)
    Congrats on the treasuries girl, you so deserve to be in them all! Can you tell I am not biased or anything :) I hope you can get a nap in. Have a great weekend!!!!!

  3. Oh man, that would make me mad. But I'm not a morning person. I have a hard enough time when the alarm goes off when it's supposed to. I can't imagine be awoken by such havoc. I'm so sorry! Hope it's a phase that goes away soon.