June 4, 2011

Give you 3 guesses which set I like best.

The expression of my inspirations have always been and will likely always be impressionistic.  My creativity is feeling based so my efforts result in a tangible expression of those feelings.

At the end of the day I am an organic girl who doesn't color inside the lines well, so while I do enjoy occasionally attempting actual replication of specific objects in glass (in this case flowers) it isn't something you will see often.  When it comes to florals these are way more my genre, if one is to be assigned~


I also made some crosses last night, and I accidentally picked up the wrong color stringer with this one:

The dots look like sparkling peridot gems and I'm thinking it would be cool to do this with various colors, maybe even on purpose.


  1. I guess you like the ones on top the best. Why else put them there? Then again it could just be your way of messing with one's mind. Sneaky like, saving the best for last. How many guesses do I have left? One right? So if it is not the first, not the last, it has to be the one in the middle! But I know that is wrong. Your fav is the set on top! Am I cheating? Was that four guesses?

  2. At the risk of sounding like an Oompa Loompa... I like the VIOLET one the best! Love the style Juls. Different IS good! :)

    Hope your Sunday is full of ♥!

  3. I think you like the lavender ones best! I like them all but those are my fave, then the pink then the blue- lovely. Actually- maybe all 3 are your faves.