June 21, 2011

I think I've turned into a press HO.

Not the media kind, the brass kind.   These coins are an awesome focal size, and I love the challenge of getting just the right amount of decorated glass into just the right shape before smashing it into something else entirely. 

I love the versatility of this shape ~ It is excellent for necklaces and bracelets and wire wrapping and bead embroidery and baking cupcakes!  I've listed a few over at StudioJuls, and now I think I'll head out to the shiny shack and sweat off 5 more lbs so that when you do get around to baking those cupcakes I can have 1 or 14 of them. 




  1. I too love this shape and the colors too. Hey just eat the cupcake and work them off later.

  2. I have a love/hate thing going on with presses. I've been on quite a long "hate" phase. After the smash, if it isn't perfect, I start swearing. And that's weird because I am NOT a perfectionist, by any means.
    I guess that's why I've been holding off on the bead rollers. Probably just provoke more swearing.
    Those beads of yours are killer, btw.

  3. It's ok, you can be a bead-making ho and i will be a bead-buying ho and we will all live happily ever after. LOVE those beads, by the way, esp the tribal turq one

  4. Hi Ho! I love the pressed shapes and can't wait to see more of 'em. Think orange and pink...:)

  5. If that's the worst kind of Ho you can be then I think you are doing just fine! I can see why you are loving that press so much!!