May 1, 2011

You need one of these. Unless you are me, in which case you need all of them.

I recently had a custom jewelry order that required a component I didn't have on hand, so I hit up Etsy for some large rings around which to bead.  If you have also hit up Etsy for some large rings around which to bead then you already know about Yvonne at My Elements. 

If you are among the me who didn't already know about Yvonne at My Elements, let me tell you about Yvonne at My Elements.  Yvonne rocks.  And so do her Elements.

I'll admit I was pretty taken aback by the excessive shipping costs on her listings, but because I needed 2 of the things in my cart and really wanted a few other things I went ahead and made the purchase.  Afterward I contacted her out of courtesy to let her know that because of the high shipping add ons per item, I removed over $30 from my cart prior to purchase.  So for the extra $6 I paid in shipping she actually lost sales.   Moral of the story?  Padding shipping fees is a good way to go out of business.

Unless you are Yvonne at My Elements.  She responded promptly and the situation was resolved to my total delight.  She's such a sweet and professional vendor that I want to put her in my pocket so I can take her out and use her to ward off future poor behavior on the part of anyone to whom I am trying to give my money.

Her shop is filled with the usefully eclectic and unusual, so naturally I want to move in.  If someone could get to work figuring out how to digitize me and my furkids, we'll be packed and ready.  Thanks.

Here are the treasures I couldn't leave behind (plus some extras which she selects and includes with every order).  I'm not going to show you too much detail, because I think you need to go have a look around HER SHOP.


Mary over at McDuck Creations has these fantastic cable neckwires ON SALE.  I am wary of magnetic clasps, so I only ordered a single pack of bronze and black.  Once I had them in my hands I immediately ordered more.  The clasps nestle deeply ~ they are very well made making these perfect for any kind of single focal as well as beaded cab ensembles, and you definitely can't beat the price.

Her supplier is discontinuing them, which means if you don't go snag some right now you'll probably hit me up for some of mine later, and even though we are Bloggy BFFs I will laugh in your email's face while hoarding my cords like crack. 


Let's discuss sewing for a second, k?  As in aside from hand stitching a button on a shirt or hand quilting a blanket, I can't do it.  That's really kind of an understatement.  I once attempted to make a doll form on a sewing machine and it took the entire fire department 4 hours and the jaws of life to extricate me from it. 

I admire those who can and appreciate those who do, because sewing ain't for everybody me.

A few months ago, Stacy from SLMPeterson gifted me with a handmade bead clutch that spreads out to become a beading mat complete with pockets and a zippered compartment.  It is most awesome for storing a project in progress and folds up perfectly to fit in my purse.  I love it.

She recently shared a custom order curling iron bag on Facebook....which we'll call curlybag! here because curlybag! is fun to say......and since I am a closet OCD (literally, the bathroom closet I decided a curlybag! is a must have.   I was totally right.

Mine came in the mail yesterday, so I slept with it last night.

To sum up the quality and beauty of these fabric creations....
If you've got a custom sewing need, Stacy is your girl.


If you've recently discovered
or have a favorite
we should all know about, 


  1. You are the BOMB!!! Thanks for the mention girl! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Juls, thanks for the tips i just love Etsy i have not found a shop yet that wont't work with you to find what you need, adjust shipping whatever it may be all you need is a convo to the shop owner and ask. I checked out "My Elements" and loved what i saw so i quickey hit the "save to favorites" thanks Juls ttfn L:)

  3. you have such a fun style of writing. i enjoy reading your posts. the thing that really caught my eye was that project in process keeper. my current keeper is a ziploc freezer bag. i guess it's functional, but definitely not stylish or fun. so i went to her shop but didn't see any. i'll have to pm her and ask about it. thanks for the info on some great shops!

  4. Oh Oh OH you really did have a shopping fun time on Etsy! I love all of your treasures and hey I may even send an e-mail sometime but I so totally doubt you will laugh in it's face (unless of course it is my usual banter which I so know makes you spit Dr P all over anyway)


  5. Just a quick note - if any of your readers are looking for The Beader's Clutch have them give me a shout. I am working on some for the shop, but custom orders are always welcome.

  6. Juls... what a funky collection of rings! Also, Stacy has been my go-to Sewing Queen for some time now. Her skillz are da bomb! And I love how she customizes when I send her an e-mail with "I need ____ and I'm thinking we could _____." Get the drift, she works with me!

    Have a terrific day!

  7. I was actually in a class with Yvonne on Saturday...she's a total riot!! She screamed out "Jen Judd" when I walked in and we were rolling in laughter the rest of the day over our weaving creations. I don't know if I'll ever finished my little loomed wonder, but I ended up with lots of Yvonne love and that made the day extra special!!
    Have fun at the vet. :)