May 2, 2011

Ready. Set. GO.

Ninety minutes from now I must be standing 15 miles away in Doc Roberts' office with a screaming James Earl Jones securely locked in her carrier,  and I'm thinking perhaps both the staff and fellow fur owners would be appreciative if I got a shower ahead of time.  I should probably also brush my teeth.

But then again I do have my priorities, dontcha know, and today they rank in this order:

1.  Clean Beads. (20 minutes, already done.)
2.  Photograph Beads. (148 hours.  also already done.  squee)
3.  Write a Blog Post.  (Dude I am rockin' this list!)
4.  List Beads. (Stop rushing me.  dang.)
5.  Get a shower so as not to smell rank at vet's office. (or hand out clothes pins)
6.  Brush teeth.  (And hair, time permitting)
7.  Chase The Kitteh. (who thinks "WHEE!  A game!")
8.  Drag the Kitteh from under the bed. (who now thinks "OH HELLZ NO!")
9.  Wrestle The Kitteh into the carrier. (contortion! skillz!)
10. Attend to bleeding scratches while speeding the 11 miles to Enterprise.

Manageable in 82 minutes, no?


Sue over at Sue Beads passed on this inspiration photo from Lorelei:

and since I did find myself inspired by it and only had a half hour to torch last night I decided to make a small set based on it.    A deeper marine blue enamel powder would have been more apt to imitate the blue in the photo but since I only had sky blue on hand, Sky Blue it was. 

These have me wishing I had beach sand on my butt right now.  Or at least between my toes:

They are now headed for Etsy, along with a few earring pairs. 

63 minutes and counting......


UPDATED:  All went well with Sheba.  She was checked today by one of Doc's associates, who is I dare say one of the most precious persons in the world, mostly because he refers to Sheba's wound area (her butt) as her "tookus".  We should clone him.



  1. hope you get good new for the cat today.
    and you win the prize for getting the most done this morning.

  2. i think you'll get the superwoman award for the day and finish off your list. hope it goes well at the vet. the beads are very pretty, but your beads are ALWAYS very pretty!

  3. Good luck at the must be exhausted after all that in such a short space of time! :~)
    Are you pulling your hair out yet?

    Have a wonderful day Juls...

  4. Awww, glad the tookus is on the mend. You always rock it... To Do list or not! You're one SuperFantastic Wonder Woman!

    Sending you more minutes to work on the To Do list!