May 13, 2011

You may call me Miss Selfish McGimmeThat!

I took the first Sands of Time Crosses out of the kiln this morning.  And then I cried.  And maybe peed a little.

And then I strung this one on some wire and slapped it on a cord with a couple of matching beads.

And then I slapped that cord around my neck.

And now I REALLY DO THINK THIS SONG IS ABOUT ME, because suddenly I can't stop looking in the mirror.


If ever I was to hoard my own beads,
these would be them.


  1. lol...I know what you mean...sometimes there are just some things we make that we have to keep!!! Happens to me every now and work hard girl!!! Enjoy your "Sands of Time" cross pendant, you deserve it!

  2. I hoard every new item I fall in love with until I fall in love with the next. I am fickle too! I can see why you love these- they are beauties!