May 7, 2011

Tradesies Rock.

TocadoraLeather.    Go add it to your Etsy favorites right now, or I'm gonna stop typing.

I'm serious.

I'll wait.


Did you do it?  Promise?

I believe you so I'm going to keep talking.  Plus....MY WORDS!   I must use them.

I recently stumbled across these on Etsy, and I immediately sent a note asking if this artisan would be interested in doing some trading.

Because this cuff right here?

Except you can't have it,
because I have it.

Because I HAD TO.

And this next one?

My mama doesn't even know she had to have it yet,
but I can promise you that is exactly
what she is going to say
when she sees it
on Mother's Day.

I can't say enough good things about Jennifer,
the masterheart behind Tocadora Leather.
I loved learning how these cuffs were born
and getting to know the artistan behind them.

Now I'm sharing her with you
because you deserve something good today.

And so does she.



  1. After seeing this post I went to her shop and found a cuff that said "Buy me, I would look beautiful with the earrings Dawn is making! I'm pretty!" So I did and it came today, and it's perfect, and it supports an amazing cause so that means hubby won't argue. Plus it will match my earrings perfectly! The end!!! :) Lots of love!