May 6, 2011

At least their fax number isn't 1-800-AREYOUKIDDING?HAHAHA. (so far)

Should I admit that I am currently working with my mortgage company trying to get a loan modification? 

Since I guess I just did let me also go ahead and share that I have printed and copied and faxed and mailed and talked and answered and rinsed and repeated so many times that I am putting the entire loan mod department of HSBC on my Christmas Card list, because while all of this is a giant pain in my could not be more embarrassed by it totally stressed out butt, they have been awesome and have not once complained about my probable use of cofusingly stupid and endlessly long run on sentences. 

I should probably put cookies in those cards.

So that's what I'm up to which is probably why I don't have anything clever to say right now. Let's just pretend I have outwitted my wit today, and I'll try to actually follow through with it another time, K?

A couple of sets going on Etsy today~


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  1. Lotsa luck w/ the loan mod. We went thru that "making home affordable" process and saw our mortgage go down all of $45 for a couple of months until they then wanted to collect for "closing costs" which they never mentioned. It took months for this huge money-saving event to happen. Lordy. Right after this there was something on the news about a couple who went thru the program and their new mortgage payment was literally $5 less than the old one. I think the program should be called, "Making Banks More Profitable." Sure isn't making homes affordable! Good luck!