May 18, 2011

Sale in My Etsy Shop

Last month the lovely Dawn brought to my attention that I had reached 500 sales in my Etsy Shop.  That afternoon I realized I had also reached 50K blog views as well, and I decided maybe those 2 things merited a big fat THANK YOU.   Also maybe an Etsy Sale.

In the next few days my family lost our patriarch, and a few days after that I turned FODEE and forgot all about having that sale.  I forgot a lot of other things too, namely that I am supposed to remember everything all the time.    To that end, I highly recommend turning forty.

This morning I noticed that the sales are over 600 and the blog views over 60K, and I decided maybe those 2 things merit a big fat THANK YOU.  Also maybe an Etsy Sale.

So how about it?  Because there are 2 reasons for having this sale I am going to run it for 2 days only. Today and tomorrow every listing in my shop is 10% off, including the new Sands of Time series.   Also?  All orders over $75 will ship free.   Shipping will be refunded manually through Paypal.

The coupon code is FODEE because it is just as much fun to type as it is to say...especially if you type it fast and lean heavily on the D key.

A few current listings:

(these are listed in pairs)
(you don't get my funky leaf bowl)
(sorry about that)

Happy Shopping!



I appreciate y'all more than you know.



  1. I can only dream about 600 sales! You go girl!

  2. Woohoo! I am so glad that at some point in time I helped you acheive both those numbers. You are the best and deserve 600/60K more!
    Enjoy the day, darlin'!

  3. Summer and sales are always waited for.These are very nice tit bits to be won in sale.Lovely bead work indeed.