May 19, 2011

If you've ever wanted to tell me what to do, Here is your chance.

In this case, I'd listen.  Probably.  Mostly.

Mama found somethin' that mama needs, but I can't show it to you or even tell you what it is yet because you might need it too and if you snagged it out from under me I might have to come over and cry on your shoulder.  And use your shirt for a tissue.

So in the interest of being all Mission Impossible* I'm going to keep my little secret and make 2 of you an offer you hopefully can't refuse.

How about Owning my Skillz for a full day of beads for $125 shipped?  Your choice, as many as I can make in 8 hours.   That's $25 off the regular price, and because I really need this thing that I need I am going to include a surprise with both lots.  I'm not going to tell you what the surprise is, but I'll give you a hint:  It isn't a half eaten turkey sandwich.

If you are in need of some beautiful new beads, I'm your girl.  EMAIL ME and include your paypal address.  Also feel free to be as bossy as you like.  I've got my big girl britches on today so I'm pretty sure I can take it.

SOLD OUT.  Thanks, y'all!

I've also added a few new goodies to the ETSY SALE that ends tonight:

*This blog post will probably not self destruct in 30 seconds. 



  1. I have owned her mad skillz and I can tell you that it is worth.every.penny. I couldn't believe how productive this girl was in 8 hours. Go now and sign up!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Love the earring pair! So pretty! Sad, I missed out on this :(