April 3, 2011

Y is for YOWZA!!

Or maybe I am just biting my blogger tongue because when this happened last night chances are something much less charming came flying out of the sound making hole in my face.

I have to make up a day in the A to Z challenge, so this is what y'all get. Which reminds me that Y also stands for Y'all and Yeehaw...not that anyone I know actually says the latter.  Which is pretty surprising considering I live in Alabama.

Anyway.  (Look at all these Y(s)...I'm kickin' some Y butt!)

Flying molten glass
decided to introduce itself
to my face
last night.


I'm pretty sure that's going to leave a scar, and I've been practicing my Catwalk ever since.

What?   It is totally Cindy Crawford mole-ish.

Then again, it's kind of Dr. Evil-ish too.



  1. OUCH! That looks pretty painful. Would there have been the application of a cold beer on that boo-boo after the colorful language subsided? Do you now take to wearing a full welder's mask when torching? Or are you willing to risk it all and go right back to the torch that gave you what looks to be a wicked cool battle scar? I hope so. I love me some Julsbeads and would be sad if I had the last little orphans on earth.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Ouch! I'll tell you what I keep on hand when this happens to me. I keep a tube of Crest toothpaste. As soon as the glass pops and hits the skin, I put on the toothpaste, and, the burn is gone from the popped glass. No scar either, except for once when, I am sure, the glass embedded itself under my skin. No matter what, that one hurt!

  3. Wow...must have hurt!!! The things we endure for our art! :0)

    I would keep an aloe plant hand for this...works like a charm on burns...break a piece off the plant slice it open and apply the juice directly on the burn. I've used it before so I know how well it works
    I'm sure you will receive all kinds of remedies. :0)
    Have fun...

  4. Moleish I had to chuckle! I had some glass land on the the other day. And I dont wear sleeves when I torch gads. But wow you got a good size that landed on you! Im so glad your ok. I hate it when the glass flys off!

  5. is that a smile I see? man I would be showin some tears to go with that not a smile. Just proves you r stronger than me.

    Hope you heal well.

  6. Ow! I've had molten sugar poured on my finger before. I bet that feels about the same. Hope you heal fast.