April 4, 2011

X is for that circle* symbol with the big X in the center of it.

Like this:

As in~ that's a really pretty heart!  Except wait.  It looks cracked, which means dang it!

Huh.  Those pieces kind of look like wings.  What would happen if I grind the jagged edges until they are smooth and lay them down at a different angle.....

Do you hear them begging to take flight in bead embroidery? 

Uh!  Me Too!

So much so in fact that I had to see if I could do it again, but this time on purpose....

And now I am addicted to making hearts and super cooling them until they crack down the middle and become wings.

Which has nothing further to do with the letter X, not that it ever really did.


*circle/oval.  Kinda the same only different.


  1. pretty wings! sometimes the frustrating mistakes lead to new, great ideas. they would look very pretty in an embroidery project.

  2. Go on and make that lemonade girl! (Make mine a vodka lemonade! ;-)
    Much love to you.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Good outcome with that broken heart! You know that if you keep trying to break them on purpose they will stop cooperating!! Can't wait to see what you create with them!


  4. Before I even read your post, I saw the picture and I immediately thought wings... with a purple agate oval stone body on a stunning bead embroidered piece. I began to salivate, then I was going to offer you money to accidentally crack a few more hearts because seriously, that's awesome sauce. LOL

    Can't WAIT to see your design. The colors in this BFF set (because it can now be a set) are amazing! Just think, two individual necklaces... made to look alike, one left, one right... mother/daughter Mom's day gift?

    Hope your day is superfantastic!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished angel!