April 15, 2011

When it comes to Glandness, like mother like daughters.

Remember 7 months ago when my Chelsea underwent surgery on her Sebacious glands?  Remember some months prior to that when I had some glandular problems of my own?  Ok you probably don't remember the latter because I really only breathed a brief bloggy sigh of relief when my cancer test results came back negative.  I mean while I am willing to share many of the details of my life~ intimate personal health concerns aren't really among them.


In the midst of my morning ritual that consists of feeding the 47 strays that show up on the catio and then attending to The Kitteh I discovered she had not eaten the food from last night.  This may not sound like cause for immediate and frantic alarm to y'all, but that is because you haven't met Sheba.  She lives for exactly 3 things.  Food, thwacking me on the face at 6 am, and Food.  It was about this time that I realized this morning had been absent the face thwacking and my alarm grew exponentially.  I mean she had slept in the bed with us, gotten her usual nuzzlings last night...but something was wrong.

I found her under the bed, lured her out with some catnip, and then the smell hit me.  Have you ever smelled a ruptured oozing gland?  Did I just totally gross you out?  Welcome to my day. 

I called the vet while driving to his office and tried to sound like I am familiar enough with cats to lend credence to the fact that I've shared life with one for 7 years, but I'm pretty sure that was a giant FAIL.  Doc Robert's receptionist was kind and spoke in a gentle but firm voice.   Right about the time she was saying "you should bring her in" I walked through the door.

I'm going to spare you further details.  Except that it was gross.  ReallyReallyREALLY. G-r-o-s-s.  And heartbreaking.  Which brings me to the point of telling you all this.

My Sheba just underwent surgery.  GLANDULAR surgery.  On her GLANDS.  Which completes the trifecta of every female living in my house now having had major GLANDULAR issues.  Do you hear me, GLANDS?  We've each now donated to your GLANDY cause~Enough Already.

Doc says her prognosis is fair.  That she will be more comfortable at home, and that I can come pick her up at 4.  That she needs to come back each of the next few days for an antibiotic shot and to gauge her progress....before we can determine anything with certainty.

Say a prayer for my girl, won't you please?  And if you don't mind...say one for me, too.



  1. Awww Juls - I'm so sorry. I know about the fur baby-human mama connection. Sending love, lots of prayers and the healing fairies to your doorstep!

    ♥ & more ♥!

  2. Kitty and people prayers said! And some extra hugs, for good measure!

  3. oh no, Juls..so sorry Sheba is ill..sending the best thoughts possible your way.

  4. you and Sheba will be in my thoughts.....wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, I know how you feel about all your fur babies, I have a house full my self and it hurts every time one of them isn't feeling well.....(((hugs to you and Sheba)))

  5. i'm so sorry your kitty is having such problems! saying prayers for you.

  6. You know I will. Huge hugs and love to you both.

  7. Juls,
    You and Kitteh Sheba will be in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry to hear she's under the weather, and hope she up and thwacking your face soon!

  8. Prayers already said. Hugs to you and kitty!

  9. Ah...poor Kitteh and you of course! Hope she is well soon...good thoughts heading your way for the both of you!!!


  10. I can't imagine what you must be going through...having 4 fur babies, 2 are feline, of my own I know how much space they take up in ones heart. Lots of love for a Pretty Girl and her kitty too!

  11. Oh my! It's really difficult when your kitties get sick. I know I almost went nuts when muffin got sick. Sending you and sheba some positive healing thoughts.

  12. Loves, loves, and more loves and prayers going out to your Sheba!! And you too, mamasita!! I know that it's so hard to see our furry babies go through yuckiness!

  13. Prayers and (((hugs))) for both of you.

  14. I'll forgive you for grossing me out while I ate my morning Raisin Bran with the "oozing" comment cuz I know you were beside yourself with worry.
    And I would be too.
    She's your baby and you love her. I know.
    I'm not your praying friend but I can crank out some righteous white light and I will - for you both.

  15. Oh sistafriend I am so sorry I missed this (maybe that is why I had the sudden urgent feeling to call last night) I am hugging you both glandless or not and gross or not! Let me know what else I can do!


  16. Oh shoot Juls - I am behind on my blogs because we had the day off yesterday and I just now am on the computer! I hope your girl is doing alright! I am sending you hugs through the blogosphere and I am thinking of you both.
    Big Hugs girl!

  17. I am way behind but I am really hoping that you had a happy ending. I know how nuts I get when one of my furkids are sick.