April 5, 2011

W is kind of a boring title

I could use some input from those of y'all who shop or sell on Etsy.

What time of day are you scouting for treasure or listing new items?  Buyers, do you search specifics or watch the "newly listed" items scroll by?    Sellers, do you vary your listing times?

Back in the good ole Ebay days a few short years ago I had this listing thing down to a science.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights were for listing so everything ended on Sunday night which made packaging and shipping Monday's task and every other day of the week was left for creating.

With Etsy I find myself befuddled.  I've been listing in the morning because that's when I empty the kiln, clean and photograph the beads leaving the rest of the day and evening for melting glass.  But is it better to list some at night as well?  I find myself wondering if I limit my reach by only listing at a certain time of day.

I'm not going to get into the whine of how many more hours I need in a day or how it would be wicked wonderful if I could hire an assistant or even clone myself....although the last thing the world needs is two of me....but even though I've worked no less than 12 hours a day for my last 10 self employed years I honestly don't remember it ever being this hard.   I'll tell ya, if I ever win the lottery the second thing I'm doing is hiring an assistant to handle the MyFace and Twister and every other social media outlet thingy.

The first is changing my name to Fairy Princess Julianna Loveness McLottery Winner.

So.  Got any tips or suggestions about that how to tweak my listing schedule to reach a broader audience?  Is listing new items every day enough or should the listing times be varied?


Here are a few of the new beads that went up this morning~  Focal and Earring sets for $15!

PS.  W is a pretty popular letter if the magnitude used this post is any indication. 

PSS.  You're gonna count them now, aren't you?


  1. I list on all different days and it doesn't seem to matter what time... basically, I fit it in whenever I'm not creating something. I know one artist, however, who always lists in the morning, and then saves just a few for the evening, and she says this is to make sure she's getting both the morning crowd (who check Etsy before work) and the Just Got Home and am Waiting for Dinner to Cook crowd....

  2. love these beads...
    i'm curious about listing times as well..
    i only have a short span of good sunlight to photograph..so i was listing around noon..also a good break time from studio work..
    however..recently ,i've been breaking up the listing times ..it wasn't a planned thing at first but i think it worked out well and also helps if there are international customers.

  3. mrrrrgh....If you figure it out let me know....

    I do best listing on Saturday morning, copy/relist several things per day (if you don't have new things to list) and sub in some other times to pick up other time zones/places in the world....Morning around 10-12 EST always seems to work best for me. and then again in the evening 8-10 EST.

    Don't go hog wild...it just supports the corporate goons at Etsy and drives you to the drink after you do that several times and you don't make a sale. I try to keep my listing fees under a dollar a day unless I'm doing a large shop update.


  4. love the fact that you're going backwards! (prehaps helping some people out with the harder letters LOL)

    stopping in from the A to Z

  5. I seem to have better luck with listing in the evenings. I think it's just luck.

  6. I have no idea! I just love to see the new creations (but then I am crying because I hate hate hate budgets!) Whatever and whenever you list there should be a fireworks celebration of utter fabulishousness!

  7. Long Live Fairy Princess Julianna Loveness McLottery Winner
    Hail to the queen! :o)

    Love that white/ivory set. What a stunning statement necklace and earrings for a bride on her wedding day! Gets my foggy mind tinking...


  8. Oh, man, I posted a very witty comment on this topic yesterday but it disappeared down some black hole - or, maybe, just maybe, I didn't click on "post comment."
    No, that can't be. Must be some cosmic glitch.

  9. I list whenever I can. I try to space them out during the day, during the evening, whenever possible. I know there are a couple sites that will schedule and list your Etsy stuff but I'm drawing a blank on their names at the moment. :(