April 11, 2011

R is for Ready! (or not)

I hate to break this to y'all, but it's about to get all Birthday up in here.    After all it is April 11th, which means in 11 days I am turning 40. 

What?  Y'all know how I am so you know I held off talking about it as long as I could.

Forty!  Or as I've recently decided FODEE!  'cause it's more fun to say that way.  Especially if you say it fast.

I've seen some blog posts recently where some of you have quietly announced that it was the actual day of your birthday or that it had just passed, and to each of you I say WTH!?  Why are you cheating yourself out of celebrating for a month like I usually do?   You can't tell us after the fact.  UH UH.

I'm having me some silly happiness.  I'm having some celebration.  I'm having my cake and I'm eating it too, because a party is only what you make of it.  And I'm all about making the most of them.

I love my birthdays so much I have 2 a year.  I have been doing that for so long I am actually somewhere in the neighborhood of 57 years old.  Which means damn I look good for my age.  Also?  It means I get to celebrate the recognized birthday when frivolity is expected, and then I get to wake up some other random day just knowing it's time to celebrate the secret life of me~ the sacred and special things I keep only for myself. 

Sometimes I spend my 2nd birthday with friends, which probably kind of sucks for them because I am not above calling 5 minutes before they have to leave for work to suggest maybe they just take the day off.

And you know something?  They have.  Which made me feel really special until I expressed that over lunch one such day and was informed "Juls, I'm at the beach with a frozen margarita in my hand on a work day. I love you and everything but I'm here as much for myself as for you."

Which actually made me feel even better about the day and the whole 2nd birthday concept.  Kinda proves the point of them, doncha think?

In 11 days I'll be 40.  And don't worry about forgetting.  I'll be around to remind you.


PS.  How awesome is this barrette going too look in my hair when I finish it tonight?

Birthday present awesome.
That's how.



  1. lol...happy to hear you are happy to be turning 40, soon...I have a daughter who is turning 40 in 14 days!!! She is so excited her husband is having a big part for her!!!

    I love it when people embrace the day/year...

  2. congratulations on the upcoming special day.
    i too share this birthday month with you..
    i try to stretch my celebrating out for as long as possible..a week or 2 sometimes.
    i'm happy to be here and you are right...make the most of it.

  3. Woot! Welcome to the 40s dahling! It is a great decade to be in and I have made myself comfy. Would be much more fun if I could take the day off to have margaritas with you, so don't let me forget your special day, okay? Becuase I wouldn't want to miss sending confetti vibes your way.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. oh wow! I'M turning 40 in 10 days! you seem to have a really good outlook on the whole thing, but i have been dreading it. i don't know why. just kind of blaaaaaah about it. too bad we aren't close by...we could celebrate being FODEE together.

  5. Welcome to the 40's and ain't grand! We know more than we should and eat what we like what could be better! Dang girl that is a spankin gorgeous barrette and uuummmm is that turquoise?


  6. My brother always has a birthday season (like the holiday season). He has numerous celebrations of his birthday during the season -- which has been known to last a good month or so. Did I mention he's very smart?

  7. Happy Birthday m'dear! I love the birthday celebration, and agree with you whole-heartedly! Stretch it out and milk it for all it's worth - after all, you're so worth it! And rock that cool barrette big time :)

  8. Happy almost birthday! My husband's birthday is exactly six months from mine, so we celebrate birthdays and half birthdays naturally. Of course, he's MUCH older than I am (teehee!)

  9. I'm with you sista. My birthday is in Feb and I take the whole month to celebrate and I always tell people, pressies welcome AND encouraged!

  10. I knew sooner or later I'd come across someone going in reverse with the A-Z Challenge! I thought about doing that, too, but decided it was too much for me. Guess that makes me sound like I'm getting closer to 40 myself (still have seven years to go, but they'll fly right on by!)

  11. Well, Happy 40th Birthday in advance! So, what are you going to do to celebrate? I think we're in for a treat!

  12. Enjoy your birthday! And I love your BD present to yourself!! VERY, very nice!

  13. Gorgeous barrette and happy b-day! Except I am bummed to find out that I'm older than you are LOL!