April 12, 2011

Q is where I'm at.

It's a good thing noone is checking this alphabet thing for proper grammar and sentence structure, or I'd just need to go ahead and fast forward to F.

Unless someone is checking this alphabet thing for proper grammar and sentence structure, in which case that person just needs to go ahead and fast forward to There's life out there, go get you one.



Does quantity outweigh quality? 

Do you second guess things you once knew to be true due to the current status quo?

Have you quit something you loved because x, y or z suggested you should?

Why do some people quit the right things in pursuit of the wrong ones?

Who gets to decide what is right or wrong?



  1. wow! that video is just too precious! it was really amaing..

  2. Juls this is adorable! Why can't we all just get along, right? I mean if these two beautiful creatures can get along, it's sad that we as humans can't.

    Sending love your way sista!

  3. OMG the cuteness of that video is awesome!
    Questions, Questions, Questions, humm I think you are asking too many and should stop right now! Now seein as your Birfday is fast approaching I will share with you a bit of wisdom passed on to me when I turned 40....The brain can only hold so much info so when new stuff comes in some just has to go ( for me it is the ability to do anything math.....probably why I am not allowed to shop alone. LOL) for you it should be questions! If you have to ask it isn't fun! Okay I know it is a bit early but that is the best I can do on only one cup of coffee.


  4. Hi Juls omg i just saw this on Ellen it's so dang cute i don't have time to answer just a quick blog visit a lot on my plate ( you will see on my blog post tday)but just wanted to stop by i miss everyone havnt had time for my daily hopping ttfn L:)

  5. This is kinda amazing. Here's why. I have said for eons that I'll be a dolphin in my next life. I just feel very certain of that. My daughter thinks she's going to be a cat! We're very close, like really good friends (she's your age) and this video was me and her. I loved it so much. It's my next life. Holy crap!