April 17, 2011

L is for Leave it to my Aunt Rah to make me break (my own) rule.

I have something against playing matchy matchy with the work of other artisans, even those from China, but when one of your favorite aunts starts crying and throwing money at you...are you really willing to break her heart?  Yeah, neither am I.  Plus I kind of dig this Trio of Owls Marcasite Focal:

There were *just* enough tears shed that I made a bracelet and 2 pairs of earrings so she'd have plenty of options~ mainly because Rah and I share the same short attention sp.....SQUIRREL!



  1. After working in special ed classes for so many years - I totally get the "squirrel" comment.
    BTW - I think you did the owls justice and your aunt happy. It's a win/win.

  2. Oh, you did awesome work! Love the attention sp...squirrel comment - smile on face right now. I hope those storms missed you and you are doing great!

  3. Wow- those are really cool owls- what a find- I am sure your aunt is tickled RED HOT by your transformation. You make me want to go thrift store shopping tomorrow. My daughter and husband gave me a great idea for some new cuffs so I was thinking about it anyway. Got to find me some old country western belts and soon you will see what I am planning to do to them.

  4. Squirrel where? Oh wait there were gorgeous owls in there and rule breaking too ......coffee!

  5. lol...knew you would disappoint me Juls...my wonderful grandson sees "squirrels" often. :~)

    Gorgeous pieces Juls...love the Owls and all the black and silver...my favorite combo!