February 8, 2011

I only had to promise my first born in return.

This is a focal I started

to match
(which I probably love more than babies anyway)

given to me last night by a friend
because it didn't fit him.
Squee for giant heads!


  1. YEAH!!! You're connected again! I'm so happy I'm doing a little Irish Jig over here!!! Love the beret... and totally could squeeze you in the pic!

    I can't wait to see that dynamite piece of jewelry finished... I might just hop in the car and head down there right.this.minute so I can be the first to see it done! :)

    Enjoy not getting any beading done as I know you'll be surfing 8,438,712 websites that you've been missing while having no internet!

  2. Oh how you tease me! Purplelishousness baret and that focal.....oh sista you gots skillz!

  3. LOVE the color! And your post-title:-)

  4. I love the beret! You are awesome in purple!

  5. glad to see you are connected again.
    this is a cool beret..
    and only for the first born..good trade

  6. awesome beret -
    and did you know - you can make asparagus the same way that you made your brussel sprouts? yummm!

  7. love the purple. lookin good in your beanie :o)

    my computer will no longer allow me to read your blog. so as you see i must sneak behind my Dell's back and read your blog on my daughters ipad.

    keep bloggin and i'll keep sneaking. stay warm!