February 9, 2011

Because working on one project at a time would be flirting with normalcy.


Did I tell y'all my internet is fixed which means I have access at home again which means I can get online whenever I want and stay here as long as I want and while I might miss the coffee shop caffeine buzz a tiny bit I am so partial to pajamas that not having to leave the house is maybe the best thing ever? 

I did?  Oh.

Then you probably understand the excitement making me type all this gibberish.

Do you also know about the amount of time I've spent sitting on my hands to prevent spilling even more nonsense onto your screen?   

You're welcome.


  1. Thank you, but I love your nonsense!

  2. I love your nonsense my sweet! You be the best nonsense typer on the planet!

  3. I love, love, love nonsense! Keep it coming...You make me smile☺


    This was my word verification word.

    I kinda liked it..thought I would share;~)

  4. I love your nonsense too! and your new purple hat.

  5. love your posts - you are so funny!