January 5, 2011

Which is probably better than a closed door.

In terms of Julspeak:

Temperamental: (adj) ~ A printer that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and somehow manages to jam up paper even when there is no paper in the tray and the &%$# thing is turned OFF.

Listen.  I know printer is a noun and not an adjective and I know that was actually more of a sentence than a definition and why are you looking at me like I'm the moody one!?

Two hours spent trying to sweet talk that thing into printing one little page, and I sit here empty handed unless you count the Godiva chocolate nut cluster I am about to shove into my face and trust when I tell you the last thing I need to be shoving into my face is a Godiva chocolate nut cluster.

What I really need is 2.


I finally had an entire day off yesterday and there wasn't a single thing I had to do or any other place I had to be so I did a whole bunch of nothing that involved playing Rosetta Spanish games between naps.  Last night I found some inspiration and finished a necklace that has been on my table for over a month 2 months ~

I don't yet know how I feel about this new camera for bead and jewelry photos, but its probably best to reserve judgement for a day when I am not already considering throwing everything electronic through a closed window.


  1. Yes, I understand electronic frustration! I have on more than one occasion want to throw all things electronic through the window and eat my way through a pound of good chocolate. How is your Spanish going? Do you like the Rosetta Stone? I love the necklace you created - it is gorgeous! Have fun with the new camera. Take a deep breath and enhance your Chi and then go throw the electronics through the window :)
    Have a great, and better, day!

  2. Oh you posted pretties!!!!!! I still say I need to get into that gawgus beady brain of yours and play around for a while. I will bring the Godiva and promise not to press to many buttons! I hate electronics (other than the means to check out your awesomely stupendous blog)


  3. Oh I think we have all been in the electronics screaming mode. As for new cameras. I just hated to get a new one. The one I had was the best for they type of photos I took. I maybe had 1 million pictures through it. The lens just gave out. My new camera sucks... for the type of photos I take. Close up, details. This camera is perfect for landscape and people photos. Soooooo I have nothing profound to tell you about your camera. LOL

  4. Ahahahaha! Girl! I feel your sentiments! I, too, was experiencing "printer technical difficulties" !!!!!! Ack a lackalacka! And.... to all you previous "techno-setback" commenters...... ahahaaaa the Unverse is FUnny isn't it? Not so much sometimes. I guess we are on the right path- who might not seem "right" at the time that we want to print something and like 3 hours ago. anyhow... xoxox Happy New Year and come see me soon :)

  5. Ohhh I hate printers! Mine at work seems to do it's own thing all the time.

    I love your new piece too!

  6. Beautiful necklace, Juls!!!! Wow!

  7. Lord almighty is that necklace GORGEOUS!!!! What a touch of elegance you have created my dear! I've missed you in the blog world and so glad you didn't get sucked up by the tree chipper shredder guy!

    I've heard le'hammer (that's REAL-Speak) plus le'duct tape work wonders on said electronic malfunctions. :o)

    Good luck!!!

  8. Agh, the printer issue! We have networked printers and there's always a yelling match between two rooms --

    "YOU have the printer!"
    "NO, YOU have the GD printer"
    "No.... wait, cat sat on it, the button is off."

    You get the drift.

    And I have no nut clusters.

    LOVE your seed beading! Holy Hannah, I can't do that.