January 13, 2011

The Real Slim Shady

I've been reading Girl's Gone Child for somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years~ long enough to see Archer come out of his self imposed silence and watch Fable born to blossom into a beautifully headstrong mini version of her mother.  Rebecca Woolf is a genuine and talented writer.  She's the kind of girl you want to spend a day with~ shopping, lunching, walking ~ or have drinks with, or even just sit around swapping stories with.

Some time last year she posted a photo of herself au natural...no make up, no pretention, no apologies.  I filed the thought of doing the same in a hidden corner of my brain~ saving it for a rainy day.

If you were around for my birthday last year, then you already know I'm a mountain from a mole hill maker because Haaaay!  It's my birthday!  Which means the month of April is mine.  I'm told that I am hitting a milestone age this year, so let me just go ahead and admit I'm very likely to start celebrating in March.  Or tomorrow. 

For now I'm embracing the challenge of sharing the me that I wake up to in the morning. The me that sometimes needs a little help in the sight department.  The me who owns my years and loves the lines that have come both from laughter and tears.   The me who knows puckering up to life is the only perpetual first kiss.

Dear 40,
Bring it on.


  1. And THAT is why I love you a million, trillion, squillion, cazillion (I promise they are all real words).

  2. And, guess what? You're simply stunning just the way you are. Gorgeous inside and out.

  3. You look pretty good to me kiddo. I wish I looked as good in the AM.

  4. Sistahgurl, 40 ain't got nothin' on YOU! Bring it, I say (I'm bringin' it this year too!). You're fabulous now and you're gonna be fabulous in 40 more years! Beadlove!

  5. 40 is going to look good on you!!!
    and you might as well celibrate it as long as you can! Have fun

  6. The 40s are fabulous! You're going to have so much fun...

  7. I love when people own it, whatever it may be. Pucker up buttercup! Have a wonderful year.

  8. You look so young and fresh bc you are! A spring daisy!

  9. You truly glow! Beauty in and out! What a package!

  10. You, chica, are beautiful! Bring on 40 (it totally rocked!)

  11. Thirty was a complete blast.
    Forty was way fun.
    Fifty - I celebrated for a week.
    Sixty - I bought a purse.

  12. Juls, you are amazing and beautiful! Happy Birthday, you young child!!!

  13. Girl... rock on the birth-year!!! It's your party all year long! I'm raising a toast to you - love, laughter and happiness for AT LEAST another 40 years!


  14. I love you.
    You are beautiful.
    And 40? Was one of the most memorable and best years of my life so far. I am hoping that 42 going into 43 will be the same for me.
    Enjoy the day!