January 12, 2011

I'm sweet like that.

When I tell you I spent the day ironing and washing windows you do believe me right?  I mean it isn't like you've ever seen me imitating a Shar-Pei, and if you have then you should stop peeking in my dirty windows. 

It is probably more accurate to say I intended to spend the day cleaning house, but that was before I accidentally fell asleep while making the bed.   I dreamt about the time my then husband offered that we get a maid as we both worked 50 hours a week, but my 20-stupid-year-old self recoiled at the mere idea of it.

(Side note~ If I was ever going to write a letter to 20 stupid me from almost 40 me, it would definitely include telling myself that gifts of maid service are hard to come by and getthedamnmaidalready, dummy.)

(Also?  You are going to think of dying your hair blond in a year or 2.  No.)

Anyway, suffice to say I didn't get much done today save for a little beading.  A friend of mine is leaving for a year of workyjob stuff, so I made her some goodies to take with her.  She's also getting one of the turquoise and brown pieces from yesterday's post...that is if she can pry it from my cold dead hands.



  1. Oh I love this... what a gorgeous way to use a focal. You are such a talented little chicky ♥

    Wet and flooded Queensland, Australia

  2. So love you. If I were to write to my 20 year old self from my over 40 year old self I would say do NOT let some slick talkin' dudes at Bruiser's nightclub talk you into becoming a hair model and then if you did become a hair model for the day at the local Holiday Inn, do NOT allow them to color your hair four shades (blond, red, black, brown) without the aid of mirrors on stage to catch the horror and do NOT let them tell you it is pretty, like a pile of fall leaves. Um. No.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. I think that might become a blog post. What do you think?

  4. I would like to hear more about the hair model thing too!
    You are just that sweet! UMmmm did she pry it out of your hands yet?

  5. Ok--I wanna be a friend of yours that's leaving for a year for worky-stuff! lol

    If I was to write a letter to my 20-something self from my 40-something self--it would have been STAY IN SCHOOL!

  6. That is a riot. I too have accidently fallen into a nap while cleaning. psst, i have a housekeeper, and it is the best money I spend all month. don't tell my beady buddies, but I would spend my bead money to have her keep coming. I have a clean house, and my husband and I don't fight over whether tops of picture frames should be dusted (see, reason for hiring her in first place).

    To my 20 year old self - yeah...don't marry that one. Wait for the second one to show up, and marry HIM first. LOL

  7. you've got a lucky friend that's getting this gorgeousness..
    and the note to young self from older self..would be a novel of do's and don't's
    if i ever win the lotto ..i'm getting a personal assistant

  8. Love the black and turquoise one, nope, I love the red set just as much :-)

  9. I wouldn't worry, maids are not all they are cut out to be. You see, in this part of the world it is almost impossible to find a house that doesn't have one... Yesterday I found myself vacuuming and polishing glass whilst she sat drinking the coffee I had just made her - That's all kinds of wrong, right?

  10. Juls - the red one is totally my style!

  11. Juls... I had no idea I was leaving for a year of worky-stuff. You must be a psychic... or have great abilities to predict the future. Either way, I will be completely greatful when those beauties arrive in my mail box... :D

    What? It's not for me... sadness ensues.

    Wish your friend LOADS of luck in traveling and all the worky stuff she has to contend with. I hope she really enjoys the time to reflect, travel and see whichever part of the world she's a seein!

    You're a true gem... even if you mimic a good sharpei! LOL


  12. bella creazione..ciao dell'italy Ross