January 7, 2011

You're welcome.

(photos courtesy of Roger's Etsy listings)


A gift for my niece~

Glassroger does incredible work with boro glass
and you won't believe how reasonable his prices
are for such intricately detailed beauty.
Be prepared to favorite him.


  1. What?! Are you kidding me? That much talent deserves a much higher price tag. These are incredible! I am sort of partial to the octopi (not that I like them that much, but all those tentacles! Geninus!)
    Oh. He has been favorited.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Gorgeous. Oh, and thanks for the 411 on wikio. I may one day have the coraje to submit and until then, I'll just walk around in a blissful state of ignorance thinking that the whole beading world is a follower....

  3. I that seahorse is....well MINE!!! Give that to me right now!!! Just kidding you can have some pretties for yourself so I will go and check these creations out for myself.


  4. Wow, amazingly sculptured work! And you're right, his prices are ridiculously low!! And you're also right about his shop being added straight to my favourites :-)

    Have you tried out any of his tutorials, Juls?

  5. Ive just started Lampwork and a person can really appreciate others ability! The time and learning curve!!! I so respect lampworkers. They are beautifil Juls!

  6. Oh my those are adorable and you are right about the reasonable prices... I am off to buy a nautilus sea creature and turtle... no sea horses left :(

    Thanks for the link!

  7. Very happy to say that I'm back looking at your lovely gems again - I've taken a year or two out, come back with a different disguise and you'll get a big, fat snog if you remember me :) But shhhh, it's a secret!

  8. He is AMAZING! I have some of his seahorse and refuse to part with them just yet because they're smashtabulous.