December 3, 2010

When someone yells HEY STINKY and everyone in town says "what!?",

Do you think it's time to move?

Shower: (n)
2. Also called shower bath. A bath in which water is sprayed on the body, usually from an overhead perforated nozzle (showerhead).
3. the apparatus for this or the room or stall enclosing it.

Every water tower in my town is empty, as are the reserve wells.  And by empty I mean there is no water with which to brush my teeth.  Or flush the toilet.   Yes, I suddenly realize that using those 2 examples so close together probably shouldn't ever happen again.

Apparently a main water line busted last night.  As in broke, ain't workin', oops and dang.

I discovered this at 8 am when I called City Hall and asked for the Water Department only to be greeted with the giggly response "Every department is the water department today!   The reason is because a line broke out on 84 and no ma'am I can't tell you when it might be repaired, because while the pumps are working to refill everything the guys on the line didn't tell me anything specific.  I sure wish I could tell y'all something more."

Giggly!  Friendly. Informative. Helpful even though she couldn't actually help

I find myself tickled to live in a small town in the South right at the moment, because you know she's already received umpteen calls like mine and yet she was so pleasant on the phone you'd think we were cousins or that I'd called to tell her she'd won the lottery.

I kind of want her to be Mayor.    Her campaign slogan could be a Smiley face with the caption "Smell Ya Later!"

Shower (n):

Something noone in these parts is gettin' today.


  1. Oh I so hate when that happens! Lucky for you this usually happens when I am IN the shower and soaped up to my eyeballs! I smell ok but it is such a bad hair day! LOL I guess small towns have their flavor and smells and sometimes they just don't go well together! LOL
    Smell you later girlie friend!


  2. OMG..that would be a nightmare for me..
    i would go survivalist and make a cistern in the backyard,in case of future water outages.
    hope you have a good stock of mouthwash on hand.
    uh? without the use of bathrooms how does one go to work?

  3. I guess the upside is that no one will think that your stink stands out from the rest. I can deal with the teeth brushing (Trident gum does wonders for that) but the no bathroom thing? Dang. That suh-uuucks with a double suh.
    I am thinking clean flowing water thoughts for you today my friend.
    And hoping there is an outhouse in your neck o' the woods.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Aw, that's a nice little story about the phone call. Not so good about the water, though. The toilet thing has probably got me most bothered. Like how many times can you use the toilet without flushing? And how long can you go without using the toilet. And do you have more than one toilet because that would help. And...well I hope you toilet is fully functional soon!

  5. OMG! I guess if I HAD to, could go w/o a shower. The no toilet thing, a whole nother story.....wishing you luck today! :)

  6. Okay, ew.

    But I say that with the utmost love ;-)

    Also...bottled water. Would at least get you through tooth brushing and a splash or two on the stinkiest parts.

    Y'know, iffen y'all get desperate (she said with her faux Southern accent)

  7. SO, you're roughin' it, eh? I'm hoping this loving comment finds you with flowing faucets and flushing toilets...

    A couple gallons of water in jugs stored in the basement just for such emergencies... at least they'd be good enough to flush. Still wouldn't do much for the bad hair day though... hope it doesn't spoil your beauty pageant dreams!


  8. Wow, good thing we meet online!! just kidding. I used to live in the last town in MA on the border to NH. Everytime we lost power (usually a blizzard in the winter) everyone in the state was turned on before we were. We tried to make the best of it and used our camp stove on the brick stairs to conjure up a hot meal. The buses would come to pick up my smelly kids for school before we were back on the grid!! I know that small town helpless feeling. Go with the flow. Reminds us of all the things we take for granted doesn't it? A good dose of humor can get you through anything and you have no shortage of that!!