December 1, 2010

Super Bead Special ~ Bloggy Style

See that "Own my Skillz" tab up top?  If you're interested in being my boss for a day have I got news for you!

I am offering a 30% discount to the first 5 people to claim it~ which means a full day of my beads is only $105.  Shipping is $5 or free~ details disclosed when you order.

To claim your day shoot me an email~

Edited: Dec 3nd 7 am~

Only 1 Own My Skillz day left available at the sale price! 


These are newly listed in my Etsy Shop:



  1. Those ridged ones are now MINE! I bought some a couple of weeks ago from another vendor and the ridged effect is just stunning!

    I am now on a quest and soon I will OWN THEM ALL...BWAHAHAHAAAA!

  2. I encourage you all to DO IT! BOOK with Juls right now. I did it back in September and she is pretty darn awesome. You won't be disappointed!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I totally love Juls beads, I bought a days worth of her torch skills a few months ago, and loved every bead I got, so I just had to do it again......I know I won't be disapointed, her beads are beautiful! and I love the suprise not knowing exactly what I am getting, but knowing it will be something awsome!