November 29, 2010

And I only dreamt about cat poop once.

Thursday night I set my alarm for 4 am.  There are only 2 reasons I would set my alarm for 4 am, and the first is because I have a breakfast date with Matthew Mcconaughey.  Matty and I don't actually have a set breakfast date, and now that he's had a baby with a supermodel I'm starting to feel like maybe he's playing hard to get. 

The second and much less exciting reason for setting one's alarm clock for 4 am?  500 thread count cotton sateen sheets for $19.99.  My well loved 700TC Egyptians are Le shredded on 2 corners, so when I crawled in bed Thursday night after attempting to tuck them back around the mattress yet again I was determined it would be the last time.

Ten seconds later 4 am came and brought with it country music so obnoxious that I knocked the source of it right off the table, snagged a loose sheet corner and rolled in the opposite direction wrapping myself in a cocoon of nothingwrongwiththesesheetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Friday also brought with it the Iron Bowl, which for those of you not in the know is the college rivalry game between Alabama and Auburn. 

I slaved in the kitchen making Chicken & Dumplings and deviled eggs to take to work for the festivities, and upon locking my front door to head that way I turned abruptly and sent 48 deviled eggs flying across the sidewalk. 

Every cat in the neighborhood was under my feet in 2.5 seconds, and while that is awesome for the cleanup of 48 deviled eggs on the sidewalk it is not so awesome on the my yard is now a litter box front.  Did you know cats will dig up your grass to attend to their business?  You do now.


In honor of the big game I made a few inspired beads.

This is my Big Al.  I accidentally picked up the wrong grey when I was working on his ear, but it just makes him more endearing.

A few of my friends are Auburn fans, so I made them some zipper pulls Eaglet style~

The game was excellent.  Losing the game was not.


I am pretty sure I showed back up to work again on Saturday, but it's a bit fuzzy.  I do know that when I woke up Sunday morning it was all I could manage to crawl downstairs to turn on the TV and plug in the Christmas tree before curling up on the couch for a marathon of movie sleeping.

It was such an effort in fact that when I sheet cocooned back in bed at 10pm last night it took a whopping 32 seconds before I could fall back into slumber.

I'm dubbing it the great Snoozapalooza of aught '10.


  1. Oh Big Al is so cute! I am glad you enjoyed snoozapalloza! Hope all is well!


  2. Movie sleeping is just awesomeness. Turkey+movie sleeping is super awesomeness. I did a turkey and 'The Good, Bad and the Ugly" nap. It was hard to come up out of that one!! Thanks for another fun post. Sorry about your eggs, though.

  3. My mom once sent an entire pan of scalloped potatoes (and NOT the kind that come in a box. Yea. I am that old that we had to actually peel and slice all those taters) cascading down the front porch steps at my grandma's house as we arrived for Easter. As I recall it was icy and cold (we are in Wisconsin after all) and they immediately froze and went skittering acorss the driveway like a giant air hockey table. The tears were good that year. Good times.

    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. How about them Badgers? Rose Bowl bound, baby!

  4. Chicken 'N Dumplings AND Deviled Eggs? You are my hero! What time is dinner?

    Oh, and I'm with you on the snoozapalooza. I sent the kid on a playdate on Saturday specifically so I could make some jewelry and then...sleep happened ALL DAY LONG! And then again that night.

    Apparently, I was tired. Who knew?

  5. Can't type anything..I'm laughing too hard! Love the post!

  6. Juls, I should be cleaning beads and sleeping, but I can't because tears are running down my face at your story. Sorry about your team, but your beads are great! Hope you get new sheets soon!

  7. Just be glad you didn't spill the Chick-n-Dumplins. You would have been attacked by possums!

    I rarely LOL when I read a blog but, you Juls, you never let me down!

    If anyone is interested, I am setting up a Paypal account for Juls. She's needs new sheets and a giant Pooper Scooper for Christmas! Just kidding, but wouldn't that be cool to send her a gift in return for all the happiness she brings us?