November 8, 2010

You'll probably need to spread this one out over a few days.

Ya know, I keep thinkin' I'll get around to writing something after just oooone more round at the torch.  Or after I take some pictures.  Or after I list a few on Etsy.  Or after I cook.  I mean a girl's gotta eat, right?

Speaking of eating.  I haven't actually cooked since Saturday when I made a pot of chili so spicy my tears were crying as they rolled down my face.  It was awesome.  And even though you probably don't care about the reason behind the why I haven't cooked since Saturday, I'm going to tell you anyway with just 2 words.  Candy. Megasale.

Ok, I lied.  I kind of have to elaborate because if any of you need 142 lbs of mini candy bars and Skittles, you need to drag your behind to Target right now where said items are  SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT off.  My BFF and I had to use a shopping cart to get our purchases to the Jeep, and all we bought was candy.  Which means for less than $20 I'm stocked for holiday baking (peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies with reese's cups in good that if you ate one you'd smack me, my mama, and my grandmama) AND treats for bead packages.   I'm all about spreadin' the cheap candy love. 

Also? Michaels. My desktop OTT bulb finally burned out after 7 years, which actually was the reason behind the shopping excursion in the first place.  I mean a girl's gotta see, right?  It isn't my fault the mega sale bins out front whispered sweet nothings in my ear.  Sweet nothings like "jar candles for .29.  Twenty Nine Cents!"  And packs of 8 tea-lites for .15.   And there were angels singing Halleluah and purple monkeys dancing in the aisle.    I kid.  The monkeys were too busy loading candles into my cart.

The OTT bulbs were also on sale.  As were the Ott lamps.  For a $15 difference I snagged an ultra modern twisty head extendable weighted base black contraption that totally matches my desk.  Which means I still have room in my imaginary budget for Ramen's.    Which takes us back to that whole eating thing.

I have now completely forgotten what I intended to write about when I opened this window, and I need a moment to stare at the ceiling and chew my bottom lip.

Zentangle!  You must investigate!   When I was in school yesterday or a hundred years ago we called it doodling, but this stuff right here is the Michael Angelo of doodles.   Carol teaches it and has devised some really amazing structural ideas.    It's the best way I know to use idle time productively, especially idle time that involves being on hold with the phone/cable/insert name company while they laugh around the water cooler about just how long I am willing to wait.  Today I waited this long:

 And here is a partial flock of birdz, many of whom are partyin' over on Etsy.

I will leave you now with another from my Three Little Birds (gone wrong) comic series.


PS:   A candy pic was requested. 

That basket is 2 feet wide.
That Kit Kat bag is not open. 
And neither is the Snickers.



  1. Ahh you make me laugh... all I will say is do we get to see a photo of the ridiculous candy loot??? I mean seriously how much candy are we talking?

    Note I called it "candy"... we call them lollies in the upside down land of Oz ;)


  2. Hee hee..thanks for the pics of the lollies :D

  3. CANDY, candy....candy..sigh

    oh i just passed out for a mintue from the excitement of it all.
    and a sale at Michael's too..
    wonder if my M's will have those isle dancin' monkey's..oh nope that's just my neighbor ..she works why didn't she tell me about this sale..

  4. Good story. This is what happened when my other half and I were at Target: When he said, "meet me up at the checkout, I'll be right there," I sensed trouble. I looked to the left and saw the 75% signs all up in the candy mountain! I gently reminded him that yes, we could save gobs of money on candy and then we could use that money to pay Weight Watchers to help me take it off my backside. He said he would just keep it in his office. Yeah, like that would work! Thanks for the blog shout out, Juls.

  5. Candy, Birdies, Carol oh my!
    I would have loved to be shopping with you! I have to see if the monkeys are at my Michaels!

  6. did ya have to show the candy? I'm trying to get my cholesterol under control...eating lots of vegies and I want some chocolate. Thanks, Juls, Thanks a lot! LOL
    Bead Happy!

  7. Luv me some chocolate! I am trying not to hit that candy bowl leftover from Halloween.......

  8. Trick or Treat!!!

    Can I just say, if I ate all that candy something would be spreading... but it wouldn't be your blog post over a few days. LOL

    Holy Jeepers girly, That's one mondo sugar rush you've got comin' on... I can feel it! What a score, you're a girl after my own heart.

    Note to self: invest in stock with Juls Dentist.... :)

    ♥ U!

  9. Dang. If I thought you liked candy so much I would have sent you the monster bowl that I had left after the munchkins came and went. I thought my new neighborhood would get swarmed. We did not. I still have 5 (oops, make that 4) bags of candy unopened.

    Great deals on the lamp! I got one not too long ago but paid a ridiculous amount for it. I would like another, and another as the dungeon is pretty dark at the crack of midnight when I am a-workin'.

    And I gotta get me some of those purple cart monkeys. But I do alright stuffing it myself. (Note to self: Never take a cart into Michaels. You will only fill it.)

    Enjoy the day! You make me enjoy mine so much more!

  10. So funny!

    And I totally did not bring all the leftover Halloween candy to work to put in the lunchroom and then end up hiding it in my filing cabinet solely for my own use.

    Totally didn't happen.