November 10, 2010

Oops. I forgot to write a title for this one.

I think I'm gonna need to go ahead and eat all of those little snack size candy bars today.  Which means I'm gonna have to eat a snack every 14 seconds.  Because apparently I have sweets on the brain.

You'd think once I got on the torch I'd be distracted enough by all the pretty colors to focus on something else, right? 

Sometimes I think I should invite you all into my head for a day so you could see for yourself how a Twix in the kitchen becomes a donut in the studio.

Most of you would run out of my ears screaming
but a few of you would probably set up camp, 

and y'all know as well I do the last thing
I need is another opinionated voice 
floating around in my gray matter.


Unless yours is the one telling me it's okay
to have a snack every 14 seconds because
doesn't everyone know eating that fast
burns all the calories?


  1. seriously dude-ett you are just full of awesomeness. (love those yummy bumpy beads)

  2. Who would ever argue about Twixts leading to donuts?? Good plus good equals more good.

  3. I am all for setting up shop in your gray matter! More, more, more candy I say. Love the donuts and the colors and yum oh!

  4. these beads are luscious sweet, be
    careful you don't accidental snack on one of them..yummy

  5. Twix into donuts! HaHaHa! I love that. Now if you can make mine a cake donut with sprinkles and chocolate frosting we are in bizness.

    Enjoy the day!

  6. I am LOVING those donuts! And I'm also craving chocolate now - thanks :P Good thing I have a mini Mounds waiting in the wings.

  7. Are they for sale yet? Huh? Huh? Huh???? I wanna 'em!!!!!! I wanna lot of 'em!!!!! I LOVE 'em - and I just got paid....!!!!!

  8. I have no problem understanding the Twix = donuts theory. Makes perfect sense to me.

    I'd probably eat two donuts.

  9. Ok so my gear is packed and I have an armfull of twix ready to set up camp in your head and feed you twix every 14 seconds to insure donut goodies! You know I won's stop you!


  10. Love, love ,love the beads Juls. I need to hurry and use up the ones you made for me so I can get mo, mo mo...I am selling at an event for the next 3 days- 9 to 6pm!! Set it up today. So if I make lots of money I will be back to pick out some more beauties!!

  11. The colours in these are AMAZING! I love where your beads are going at the moment :-)