November 15, 2010

The Art of Imperfection

I let the bottom of this cross get too cool while I was working and it cracked while I was adding the side arms.  Any other time I would have tossed it into the mug of water sitting on my table, but I couldn't bring myself to do it with this one so I took it back to molten hot and decided that worst case scenario if it stuck to the mandrel I would have a nice plant stake.  It survived and came off the mandrel, albeit with a smooth chunk out of the bottom where the cracked piece flew off in the flame.

The lampwork bead that hangs from the side is short 1 surface dot...the likely casualty of thoughts that wander.

The hand is one of those unfortunate to be expected losses in a wholesale bulk order~ passable, but not quite right.

The Swarovski dangles at the bottom were from earrings I made back in '05 that didn't sell so I dismantled them and for some reason kept the crystals wired.

That leaf is chipped on both sides of the hole.

The sterling Freedom ring was a gift from a dear friend many years ago.   I was never inspired to use it until now, and it's meaning is much different than I think she ever would have imagined.

This one is for me.  The me I was, the me I am, the me I have yet to become. 


Thanks for the ride, God. 
It's just my size.



  1. i think you have created in what is refered to as the wabi sabi view.
    beautiful in it's imperfection

  2. Darling Juls, Imperfections are sometimes absolutely perfect. Such is the case with this gorgeous design! Love it!


  3. Imperfections never looked so pretty or meant so much! I know you will wear this proudly! OK I would wear it proudly too but you already said it's just for you!


  4. That is, to use your own word, awesomesauce. Dear lady, you are the epitome of grace and class. I want to be you when I grow up...if I ever grow up...

  5. That is the nicest story of a creation I have heard in a long time. I think that every single thing I make is fraught with imperfections, but more the ones that only I know. But to have them be so meaningful is priceless. Can I be you when I grow up? (That assumes I will grow up!)
    Enjoy the day! Thanks for sharing, Juls!

  6. wow, Juls! Deep thoughts, showing us your sensitive side, I like that! You've probably heard that the Persians weave a mistake into every rug to show their recognition that only God is perfect. Humility is always a very becoming quality. It's nice when we can admit our mistakes together, they don't seem so bad after all!

  7. You're imperfectly wonderful!!!

  8. Hey remember the only perfect one is earth maker. Hmmmm we all strive don't we.

  9. I love the fact that you call imperfection an art, Juls. It's not only an art, I think it's mandatory! I love what you made for yourself!

  10. Love what you've done here Juls - what an inspiration!

  11. Sometime Imperfection is perfect...

    WOW! Okay Dawn, I just read the comments as I was writing this...scary!

    Juls - I know how good it feels to make something for yourself once in a while. Enjoy your imperfection.