November 11, 2010

I'll supply the fun size candy bars. And Mojitos.

You know how sometimes you get so caught up in your work that at 4 pm your stomach starts impersonating the percussion section of a high school band because you haven't eaten since breakfast the day before so you go down to the kitchen to grab something and see the beads laying by the sink that need to be cleaned and after you do that you go back to the studio to string them up and take pictures and you might as well list a couple and you reallywannatrythatidea! so you fire up the torch and before you can blink it's midnight again and way past time to watch tv through your eyelids?

I think I might need a day off.  Mostly because of that ridiculously long run on sentence I just wrote, but partly because this has been waiting to be finished for weeks.

Also there's this:

Glass Bezels, cabs, and bails compliments of Rings&Things.  Little baggies of awesome for which I have a few ideas that thus far remain hypotheticals.  In other words NEW TOYS, NO TIME.

Mama wants a 24 hour Vaca, and I think you should all come over for a play day.


  1. I am there for the vaca! Girl, you do need a break - thinking of the beach and those mojitos sounds like so much fun! Wish we lived closer and I would take you out for a break. Oh well, sending restful thoughts your way girl!

  2. Oh yeah! Do you know the book "If you give a mouse a cookie.." I think I should write "if you give a girl a bead..."
    Mojitos and chocolate with you sounds nice.
    Take the time and do what you need to do Juls.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Ohhhh I would love to come over for a play day. Too bad I live on the other side of the country.
    Take a breath and a day off. LOL

  4. day vaca..sounds great..
    afterwards you'll be back in the studio with tons of energy and great ideas.

  5. OK so I see that all four corners of the country are here and ready to drink Mojitos and eat chocolate! I so wish we could all meet in the middle and PARTY!


  6. Sounds like you need some anesthesia. First a big size value meal, then some anesthesia. Your getting very sleepy now.

  7. I'm ready for 24 hours off from the jobs (the paying job and running the shop)! Anytime, Chica!
    Bead Happy!